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Top Discussions - September 2018

Cara Greek Life

At any given time, hundreds of college students are on replying to discussion threads, up and downvoting comments, and responding to the most popular topics on campus and in Greek life. What schools and Greek chapters dominant the conversation?... Read more


It takes guts to be one of the inaugural members of a new chapter on campus. The founding members are challenged to build something out of nothing. Much respect to the leaders who not only joined a new chapter, but are quickly taking their chapters to the top ranks at their respective schools. Here are 10 new chapters that are quickly rising to the top.... Read more

 UIUC      Phi Mu     

For those of you following along, we have selected the top greek philanthropy events for every month of the 2016-2017 school year starting with September. With May predominately being a slow much due to finals, we have decided to compare the events held from September thru April and make a decision on the top philanthropy events for the 2016-2017 school year. These events raised tons of money and awareness while also demonstrating how greeklife has an overwhelming positive presence on campuses and in the local communities. Here are the top events of the year.... Read more

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The weather is still pretty chilly across most of the US. Good thing sorority girls across the country have their “homes away from homes” to offer them shelter from the cold. Some of these homes are classics and some are brand new. In the fall we ranked the 10 Best Sorority Houses in America of Fall 2016. Now it’s time for our Spring 2017 rankings of the best sorority houses in America.... Read more

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September 2016's Best Greek Philanthropy Events

Kerri Greek Life

Greeks help others. Every chapter across the nation works hard to hold events to raise awareness and resources for their selected causes. These occasions also offer an opportunity for Greeks from different houses to come together to support each other’s efforts to make the world a better place. Here are some of the best philanthropy events of September 2016 from across the country.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Tau Omega     

We've already covered our list of the top 10 Cutest Pledge Classes In The South, now it's time to check out the cutest from up north. Although a lot of northern schools wait to do their formal recruitment in the spring, we've still compiled a list of some absolutely adorable new members. Let’s take a look at 10 northern sorority chapters who should be extra excited after pulling in some of the cutest pledges of the North's fall 2016 recruitment season.... Read more

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University of Illinois Champaign's Bucket List

Janet Greek Life

University of Illinois Champaign’s campus is truly a special place for those of us who are Fighting Illini. Most of us only get four years here before we get tossed out into the cruel world in which many of the traditions we celebrate on campus would not necessarily fly. My advice to my fellow classmates is to get as much in as you can before it’s your time to graduate. Here’s a bucket list that will help you get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.... Read more


Ever wonder if your university has the largest sorority recruitment numbers? If your fraternity has the most members initiated ever? If your sorority has the most alumnae chapters? Well, you are in luck. Here are the answers to some common questions about which univerity, sorority, or fratnerity has the most...... Read more


The 10 Best Sorority House Interiors - Summer 2016

Kaleigh Greek Life

For the last several years we have ranked the best sorority houses in America. Those rankings, although, mostly factored in the appearance of the exterior of the homes. Being firm believers in the concept of true beauty coming from within, here’s our list for the top 10 best sorority house interiors in the country.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Gamma Delta     

The One Thing Every Big 10 School Is Known For

Janet Greek Life

The Big Ten consists of 14 schools that compete with one another in a large conference and all have impressive backgrounds. Each school has something they excel in or what they are most known for. It’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the school’s name.... Read more


If you go to the U of I, you’ve probably heard of a little thing called Unofficial. It’s that one weekend of the year that students that come from all around to party all day and night together. It started back when students back in 1995 realized that St. Patrick’s Day fell during Spring Break and decided to have it a little bit earlier.... Read more


Sorority life has not always been Lululemon and bid day YouTube videos. Take a trip back in time through this photo gallery that includes photos of sorority chapters from each decade since 1880. It's fascinating to see how not only how fashion changed throughout the decades, but also the changes of the poses and general mood of the photos. Apparently, the first time a sorority girl smiled in a photo was in ... Read more

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10 Sororities Poised For A Good Recruitment

Jess Greek Life

It is that time of the year again...sorority recruitment season is in full swing. PNM's are always looking for the houses that stand out among the others by having a strong sisterhood, an outstanding reputation, and deep traditions.  Taking into consideration the desires of PNM's across the country, we've assemebled a list of some specific chapters that are poised to have a great recruitment.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Delta Pi     

PMNs are eager to position themselves into the house of their dreams. A chapter's culture can change with each passing graduating class to the next, but one constant will be the house that the new members will call their home-away-from-home for the next 4 years. From the throwback castles in the Midwest to the modern mansions being built down south, this country has some very impressive sorority houses. Here's our new list of the 10 best houses in America.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Delta Pi     

Greek Houses: Past VS Present

Courtney Greek Life

Do you know if your current chapter house is the original house the past brothers or sisters of your fraternity or sorority have always called home? Is the original house still standing? Some chapters are lucky enough to live in a house steeped in tradition while others get to live in brand new homes with state-of-the-art amenities. Let us take a look at some throwback pictures of fraternity and sorority houses of the past and compare them to their modern day versions.... Read more

 UIUC      Pi Beta Phi     

Schools With The Most Alpha Chapters

Sean Greek Life

Think your university has strong Greek roots that go way back? The first collegiate social Greek organizations in North America were established in the first half of the 19th century. A few schools proudly proclaim they are the “Mother of Greek Life” or the “Mother of Fraternities”.  We have assembled a list of universities that can boast the greatest number of fraternities and sororities established on their campuses.... Read more

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Gotta’ Gotta’ Go Aphi

Vanessa Greek Life

So you decided to rush Alpha Phi, now what? The speed rounds of trying to memorize the current members names, make your best impression, and at the same time find a place to feel comfortable are all over. Now that you are a member, what can you expect? I spoke to newest pledge class and the recruitment team of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi to get an insider view on what being a member is all about.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Phi     

While it might all look like fun and games, working your way towards becoming a beautiful and unique sorority takes years of perseverance from dedicated members. It's time to spotlight many of these exceptional chapters who have remained somewhat under-the-radar nationwide despite continuous contributions to their universities and sisterhoods.... Read more

 UIUC      Alpha Chi Omega     

30 Schools With The Best Greek Life

Kendall Greek Life

While there are plenty of excellent colleges without much of a Greek Life, it’s important to acknowledge the positive influence that having a strong Greek Life presence on campus offers students. From the percentage of undergraduate students involved in Greek Life to the number of chapters on each campus, the following schools have risen above the rest. Checkout the following list of colleges across the country that offer the best Greek Life experiences by the numbers:... Read more

 UIUC      Kappa Kappa Gamma     

The Best Sorority Tumblr Pages In The Midwest

Vanessa Greek Life

What better way to brag about your strong sisterhood and eventful nights out than an entire page dedicated to what your sorority chapter is all about? Imagine hundreds of unique and creative photos tagged with a catchy tune to make you wish you could become a part of an incredible organization. Sororities have taken it upon themselves to use Tumblr to its full potential and get their names and chapters out there... Read more

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