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Greekrank.com strives to be the best place to learn about and interact with college greek life. There are several different key features to the website:

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  • Ask questions about a particular college
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Fraternity/Sorority Reviews:

  • Rate a fraternity or sorority based on 7 different criteria:
    • Friendliness
    • Popularity/Dominance
    • Campus/Community Involvement
    • Classiness
    • Fun/Social Life
    • Brotherhood/Sisterhood
    • Tier
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Reporting System:

  • Each discussion post, fraternity review, and sorority review has an attached report button.
  • Please only report seriously unfavorable content. If the content is found to be very malicious in nature it will be removed in a timely manner.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Greekrank. Our amazing team consists of talented developers that will continually monitor the site for bugs and add new features. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site please contact us.


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