What University/Sorority/Fraternity Has The Most...

University Of Illinois
 University Of Illinois

Ever wonder if your university has the largest sorority recruitment numbers? If your fraternity has the most members initiated ever? If your sorority has the most alumnae chapters? Well, you are in luck. Here are the answers to some common questions about which univerity, sorority, or fratnerity has the most...

What college has the greatest percentage female undergrad involved in sorority life?

Washington and Lee University at 81% (Source)

What university had the largest number of female students go through sorority recruitment in the 2015-2016 school year?

University of Alabama with 2,261 women (source)  

What university has the most sorority chapters?

University of Illinois has 38 sorority chapters (source)  
What university has the most fraternity chapters?

University of Illinois has 60 fraternity chapters (source)
What university has had the most Greek organizations founded on its campus?

Union College with 6 (source)  
What university has the oldest active social American college fraternity?
Princeton’s Chi Phi chapter was founded in 1824 (source)  
What fraternity has the most active chapters?
Alpha Phi Alpha with 354 (source)  
What fraternity has initiated the most members in its history?
Sigma Alpha Epsilon with 331,000 (source)  
What sorority has the most chapters?

Alpha Omicron Pi with 189 (source).  
What sorority has the most alumni chapters?

Kappa Delta has over 500+ alumnae chapters (source)



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