Sororities List

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  Sorority Name

Alpha Chi Omega - ΑΧΩ
Alpha Delta Chi - ΑΔΧ
Alpha Delta Pi - ΑΔΠ
Alpha Epsilon Phi - ΑΕΦ
Alpha Gamma Delta - ΑΓΔ
Alpha Kappa Alpha - ΑΚΑ
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi - ΑΚΔΦ
Alpha Kappa Phi Agonian - ΑΚΦ
Alpha Omega Epsilon - ΑΩΕ
Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Phi - ΑΦ
Alpha Phi Gamma - ΑΦΓ
Alpha Pi Phi - ΑΠΦ
Alpha Pi Sigma - ΑΠΣ
Alpha Sigma Alpha - ΑΣΑ
Alpha Sigma Kappa - ΑΣΚ
Alpha Sigma Rho - ΑΣΡ
Alpha Sigma Tau - ΑΣΤ
Alpha Theta Beta - ΑΘΒ
Alpha Xi Delta - ΑΞΔ
Chi Delta Theta - ΧΔΘ
Chi Omega - ΧΩ
Chi Sigma Xi - ΧΣΞ
Chi Upsilon Sigma - ΧΥΣ
Delta Alpha Theta - ΔΑΘ
Delta Chi Gamma - ΔΧΓ
Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ
delta Delta Phi Zeta - δΔΦΖ
Delta Gamma - ΔΓ
Delta Kappa Delta - ΔΚΔ
Delta Phi Epsilon - ΔΦΕ
Delta Phi Lambda - ΔΦΛ
Delta Phi Omega - ΔΦΩ
Delta Pi - ΔΠ
Delta Psi Delta - ΔΨΔ
Delta Psi Epsilon - ΔΨΕ
Delta Sigma - ΔΣ
Delta Sigma Chi - ΔΣΧ
Delta Sigma Theta - ΔΣΘ
Delta Xi Nu - ΔΞΝ
Delta Xi Phi - ΔΞΦ
Delta Zeta - ΔΖ
Gamma Alpha Omega - ΓΑΩ
Gamma Nu Delta - ΓΝΔ
Gamma Phi Beta - ΓΦΒ
Gamma Phi Omega - ΓΦΩ
Gamma Sigma Sigma - ΓΣΣ
Iota Delta - ΙΔ
Iota Gamma Upsilon - ΙΓΥ
Kappa Alpha Sigma - ΚΑΣ
Kappa Alpha Theta - ΚΑΘ
Kappa Beta Gamma - ΚΒΓ
Kappa Delta - ΚΔ
Kappa Delta Chi - ΚΔΧ
Kappa Delta Phi NAS - ΚΔΦ
Kappa Delta Sigma - ΚΔΣ
Kappa Gamma Delta - ΚΓΔ
Kappa Kappa Gamma - ΚΚΓ
Kappa Phi - ΚΦ
Kappa Phi Lambda - ΚΦΛ
Lambda Pi Chi - ΛΠΧ
Lambda Pi Upsilon - ΛΠΥ
Lambda Psi Delta - ΛΨΔ
Lambda Sigma Gamma - ΛΣΓ
Lambda Tau Omega - ΛΤΩ
Lambda Theta Alpha - ΛΘΑ
Lambda Theta Nu - ΛΘΝ
Mu Sigma Upsilon - ΜΣΥ
Omega Phi Alpha - ΩΦΑ
Omega Phi Beta - ΩΦΒ
Omega Phi Chi - ΩΦΧ
Phi Beta Chi - ΦΒΧ
Phi Mu - ΦΜ
Phi Sigma Rho - ΦΣΡ
Phi Sigma Sigma - ΦΣΣ
Pi Beta Phi - ΠΒΦ
Pi Phi Delta - ΠΦΔ
Sigma Alpha - ΣΑ
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi - ΣΑΕΠ
Sigma Alpha Omega - ΣΑΩ
Sigma Delta - ΣΔ
Sigma Delta AAU - ΣΔ
Sigma Delta Tau - ΣΔΤ
Sigma Gamma Rho - ΣΓΡ
Sigma Iota Alpha - ΣΙΑ
Sigma Kappa - ΣΚ
Sigma Lambda Alpha - ΣΛΑ
Sigma Lambda Gamma - ΣΛΓ
Sigma Lambda Upsilon - ΣΛΥ
Sigma Omicron Pi - ΣΟΠ
Sigma Phi Lambda - ΣΦΛ
Sigma Phi Omega - ΣΦΩ
Sigma Psi Zeta - ΣΨΖ
Sigma Sigma Rho - ΣΣΡ
Sigma Sigma Sigma - ΣΣΣ
Sigma Theta Psi - ΣΘΨ
Tau Sigma Phi - ΤΣΦ
Theta Alpha - ΘΑ
Theta Nu Xi - ΘΝΞ
Theta Phi Alpha - ΘΦΑ
Theta Phi Gamma - ΘΦΓ
Zeta Phi Beta - ΖΦΒ
Zeta Phi Gamma - ΖΦΓ
Zeta Sigma Chi - ΖΣΧ
Zeta Tau Alpha - ΖΤΑ


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