Best Sorority Recruitment Videos - Fall 2018

Cara Greek Life

Ah, that time of year -- sorority recruitment -- where we find ourselves spending too much time in the guilty pleasure that is watching sorority recruitment videos. Usually a well-edited mix of time lapses set against pop techno, girls on speedboats, the latest trends in bikinis, and of course, convertibles cruising coastlines and/or desert backroads. Here are this semester’s best sorority recruitment videos.... Read more


10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Fall 2018

Sarah Greek Life

Greek housing -- famed for its mansions, Roman columns, its long, landscaped lawns, and the sea of freshman who stand outside during rush week eager to call one of the homes their own. Across the country, most schools have some semblance of a Greek “row” or “village.” And as we do every semester, presents you with list of the best houses in America for Fall 2018.... Read more


Tips For Sorority Recruitment Fall 2018

Megan Greek Life

Sorority recruitment, or rush week, is about as scary as Orientation Week. But this week, unlike Orientation Week, is highly determinant of what the next four years of your life will be about. You’ll also be -- dare we say -- more judged during this one week than you have been in your four years of high school. That can leave your head spinning and nerves high, but relax. Know that you’ll end up in the chapter that’s right for you.... Read more


Top Discussions - September 2018

Cara Greek Life

At any given time, hundreds of college students are on replying to discussion threads, up and downvoting comments, and responding to the most popular topics on campus and in Greek life. What schools and Greek chapters dominant the conversation?... Read more


How To Make A Great First Impression

Tim General

They say that within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, a first impression is formed, and that first impression has lasting effects on your relationship with that person. So as you kick off a new semester, creating relationships in the classroom, in your chapter, or on the weekends, consider these top tips for leaving a great first impression.... Read more


Did you know that 65% of kids who enter elementary school today will likely end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet? Technology, data, artificial intelligence, and robots means that humans are needed less and less for the type of work machines are designed for. So what jobs will cease to exist? Or even more importantly, what new jobs will be created -- that weren’t even around ten years ago? ... Read more


Best College Dorm Rooms - Fall 2018

Theresa General

Who’s dorm rooms look like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens or Dwell Magazine? These dorm rooms. Here’s the best of dorm room decor this semester.... Read more


It’s the collegiate equivalent of New Year’s Day. When you’re starting out at the beginning of the school year, your ambitions are high, your fear of failure is nonexistent, and you’re feeling motivated to take on everything. Our advice? Take on everything. Now’s the time to pursue -- or at least, make a list of -- all of the things you want to try and tackle this year.... Read more