The Best Sorority Recruitment Videos of 2017

Sarah Greek Life

As fall semester comes to a close, we look back at some of 2017’s best sorority recruitment videos. There was no shortage of primo slow-motion scenes, EDM and drone footage, but we’ve whittled down the list to these top 11 sorority recruitment videos that offer something more than the stereotype.... Read more


How These 10 Sororities Won Bid Day

Dani Greek Life

On every campus across the country there are a couple sororities that win their bid day. Of course, this is a matter of opinion, but we have pretty strong photo evidence that these 10 sororities set the bar for bid day excellence. There’s no one way to win a bid day, but you know winning when you see it. Allow us to explain just how these 10 sororities won their bid days.... Read more


The 10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Every PNM is looking for a strong sisterhood, good reputation, and of course…a beautiful sorority house to call home for the rest of their college career. Every semester we list the top sorority houses in the US. Click here to check out The 10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Spring 2017. Here are the rankings for Fall 2017. ... Read more


Best Fraternities And Sororities - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Summer is almost over. Wow that went quick. Potential new members are doing all the research they can ahead of recruitment to make sure they get into one of their top houses. For the last several years we have put together the GreekRank rankings of the best fraternities and sororities in the country in the in each of our categories. Here are GreekRank’s Fall 2017’s top sororities and fraternities in the categories of Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked... Read more


10 Of The Best College Tailgates

Sarah Greek Life

Fall semester is over and bowl season is upon us. In schools with big football programs, fall semester excitement moves from rush week to Saturday tailgates. Let’s take a look back at this last semester’s football season and crown the top 10 best college tailgates.... Read more


​8 Teaching Moments During College

Dani Greek Life

College is some of the most formative years of our lives. The girl/boy that you are when you enter as a freshman is not the woman/man that will walk across the podium 4 years later. There are certain moments during our college careers that will shape who we become. Here is a list of some of those moments.... Read more


Rushing Local: The Pros And Cons

Sarah Greek Life

With hazing allegations sparking warnings, sanctions and suspensions of Greek organizations on campuses across the US, some students are now wondering if the question isn’t whether or not they should “go Greek,” but whether they should “go local.” Going “local” or “rogue” means rushing a fraternity or sorority that is, in some way, unrecognized... Read more


​Online College Courses: Pros and Cons

John D’Amico Greek Life

For some college students, there may come a time in their education when they might want to try taking an online course or two. Perhaps they are unable to get out of the house to take necessary courses. Or maybe certain classes are only available online. Now, there are a few different ways you can do online courses.... Read more