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  Fraternity Name

Alpha Chi Rho - ΑΧΡ
Alpha Delta - ΑΔ
Alpha Delta Gamma - ΑΔΓ
Alpha Delta Phi - ΑΔΦ
Alpha Epsilon Pi - ΑΕΠ
Alpha Gamma Omega - ΑΓΩ
Alpha Gamma Rho - ΑΓΡ
Alpha Gamma Sigma - ΑΓΣ
Alpha Kappa Lambda - ΑΚΛ
Alpha Kappa Psi - ΑΚΨ
Alpha Nu Omega - ΑΝΩ
Alpha Phi Alpha - ΑΦΑ
Alpha Phi Delta - ΑΦΔ
Alpha Phi Omega - ΑΦΩ
Alpha Psi Lambda - ΑΨΛ
Alpha Psi Rho - ΑΨΡ
Alpha Sigma Phi - ΑΣΦ
Alpha Tau Omega - ΑΤΩ
Beta Chi Theta - ΒΧΘ
Beta Sigma Psi - ΒΣΨ
Beta Theta Pi - ΒΘΠ
Beta Upsilon Chi - ΒΥΧ
Chi Phi - ΧΦ
Chi Psi - ΧΨ
Chi Upsilon Zeta - ΧΥΖ
Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau - ΓΣΤ
Delta Chi - ΔΧ
Delta Chi Xi - ΔΧΞ
Delta Epsilon Psi - ΔΕΨ
Delta Kappa Epsilon - ΔΚΕ
Delta Lambda Phi - ΔΛΦ
Delta Omega Epsilon - ΔΩΕ
Delta Phi - ΔΦ
Delta Psi - ΔΨ
Delta Sigma Iota - ΔΣΙ
Delta Sigma Phi - ΔΣΦ
Delta Sigma Pi - ΔΣΠ
Delta Tau Delta - ΔΤΔ
Delta Upsilon - ΔΥ
Farmhouse - FH
Gamma Zeta Alpha - ΓΖΑ
Iota Nu Delta - ΙΝΔ
Iota Phi Theta - ΙΦΘ
Kappa Alpha Order - ΚΑ
Kappa Alpha Psi - ΚΑΨ
Kappa Alpha Society - ΚΑ
Kappa Delta Phi - ΚΔΦ
Kappa Delta Rho - ΚΔΡ
Kappa Kappa Psi - ΚΚΨ
Kappa Sigma - ΚΣ
Kappa Upsilon Chi - ΚΥΧ
Lambda Alpha Upsilon - ΛΑΥ
Lambda Chi Alpha - ΛΧΑ
Lambda Phi Epsilon - ΛΦΕ
Lambda Sigma Phi - ΛΣΦ
Lambda Sigma Upsilon - ΛΣΥ
Lambda Theta Phi - ΛΘΦ
Lambda Upsilon Lambda - ΛΥΛ
Mu Beta Psi - ΜΒΨ
Nu Alpha Kappa - ΝΑΚ
Omega Delta - ΩΔ
Omega Delta Phi - ΩΔΦ
Omega Psi Phi - ΩΨΦ
Phi Alpha Epsilon - ΦΑΕ
Phi Beta Epsilon - ΦΒΕ
Phi Beta Kappa - ΦΒΚ
Phi Beta Sigma - ΦΒΣ
Phi Delta Epsilon - ΦΔΕ
Phi Delta Psi - ΦΔΨ
Phi Delta Theta - ΦΔΘ
Phi Gamma Delta - FIJI
Phi Iota Alpha - ΦΙΑ
Phi Kappa Pi - ΦΚΠ
Phi Kappa Psi - ΦΚΨ
Phi Kappa Sigma - ΦΚΣ
Phi Kappa Tau - ΦΚΤ
Phi Kappa Theta - ΦΚΘ
Phi Lambda Chi - ΦΛΧ
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - ΦΜΑ
Phi Mu Delta - ΦΜΔ
Phi Rho Eta - ΦΡΗ
Phi Sigma Alpha - ΦΣΑ
Phi Sigma Kappa - ΦΣΚ
Phi Sigma Nu - ΦΣΝ
Phi Sigma Phi - ΦΣΦ
Pi Alpha Phi - ΠΑΦ
Pi Delta Psi - ΠΔΨ
Pi Kappa Alpha - ΠΚΑ
Pi Kappa Phi - ΠΚΦ
Pi Lambda Phi - ΠΛΦ
Psi Sigma Phi - ΨΣΦ
Psi Upsilon - ΨΥ
Sigma Alpha Epsilon - ΣΑΕ
Sigma Alpha Mu - ΣΑΜ
Sigma Beta Rho - ΣΒΡ
Sigma Chi - ΣΧ
Sigma Delta Alpha - ΣΔΑ
Sigma Lambda Beta - ΣΛΒ
Sigma Nu - ΣΝ
Sigma Phi Beta - ΣΦΒ
Sigma Phi Delta - ΣΦΔ
Sigma Phi Epsilon - ΣΦΕ
Sigma Phi Society - ΣΦ
Sigma Pi - ΣΠ
Sigma Tau Gamma - ΣΤΓ
Sigma Theta Pi - ΣΘΠ
Tau Delta Phi - ΤΔΦ
Tau Epsilon Phi - ΤΕΦ
Tau Kappa Epsilon - ΤΚΕ
Tau Omega Rho - ΤΩΡ
Tau Phi Sigma - ΤΦΣ
Theta Chi - ΘΧ
Theta Delta Chi - ΘΔΧ
Theta Tau - ΘΤ
Theta Xi - ΘΞ
Xi Kappa - ΞΚ
Zeta Beta Tau - ΖΒΤ
Zeta Phi Rho - ΖΦΡ
Zeta Psi - ΖΨ


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