Top 10 Worst Types of Roommates

Cole General

Maybe you are about to enroll in college and are debating between joining a house and living in the dorms.  Or perhaps you are on your way into the real world and your main focus is on getting a job that won’t require setting an alarm before 7am.  So unless you’re a trust fund baby who can afford a swanky pad with extra closet space for your satin-weave, silk-based linens... Read more


Unique College Party Theme Ideas

Ana Glassman General

You're at college to get an education, but why can't you have fun in the process? In addition to preparing you for your future career, you're also trying to make memories that will last a lifetime. With these party ideas, your soiree will definitely be a hit. ... Read more


5 Hangover Cures for the Party Animal

Ana Glassman General

Those students (including myself) at my university enjoying a M-W-F schedule enjoyed Western Wednesday. Every college has an equivalent: Messed up Monday, Trashed Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and for the daringly risqué, Fungi Friday (though that's sharing a cave with another beast entirely).... Read more


Getting Through Finals Without Losing It

Dan Branson Academics

Although there are a lucky few who don’t suffer from any anxiety or stress related to finals, let’s face it, just about everybody else does. Whether you simply forgot to study or just zoned out on certain subjects, a few handy tips for relieving the anxiety could mean the difference between finals success and failure.... Read more


Richest and Most Successful Fraternity Alumni

Tyler Haslem Greek Life

Fraternities are filled with some of the most ambitious and overachieving people in the world. While movies like Animal House tend to portray fraternity brothers as nothing but raging alcoholics, the reality is much different. We take a look at some of the richest and most successful fraternity men today... Read more


6 Tips For Pledging That Will Get You Initiated

Tyler Haslem Greek Life

So you’ve now made it through rush and the start of pledging. You’ve done your homework, studied fraternity or sorority manuals, and met most of the members. Now comes the most important part: initiation. Here are some tips to get you there successfully... Read more


My Story: To Rush or Not To Rush

Ana Glassman Greek Life

As a freshman at a university with over fifty Greek organizations and approximately 45% of the student population as members of this "elite grouping," the question all freshmen face in that first year seems obvious: to rush or not to rush?... Read more


In Defense of The Delta Gamma Emailer

Kelly Redling General

So by now I’m sure most of the Greek scene has read or at least heard about the expletive laden email from good-looking University of Maryland Delta Gamma sister Rebecca Martinson. Some have called it classless, crazy, tasteless, derogatory, cruel, and rude. But I beg to differ. Here’s why... Read more