Unique College Party Theme Ideas

Cops and Robbers Party
 Cops and Robbers Party
 Ana Glassman  

You're at college to get an education, but why can't you have fun in the process? In addition to preparing you for your future career, you're also trying to make memories that will last a lifetime. With these party ideas, your soiree will definitely be a hit.

1. Murder Mystery
You hear about fancy dinner theaters hosting these types of events, but this theme can work well for your college party, too.  You'll need to think of a plot and basically write out an entire script of the murder and prior events. You can pick any decade you want for the setting of your murder mystery. Keep in mind, the attire will be based on the time period you choose. 
2. Greek Mythology
From Phi Beta Kappa to  Alpha Gamma Sigma, there's already a lot of Greek in most schools. At this party, everyone would need to dress up like a character from Greek Mythology such as Poseidon or Aphrodite. You can have guests select from titans, gods and heroic mortals. Just a little hint, a white sheet is an excellent costume starter to make a toga. 
3. Rockstar Party
You've probably heard the saying "Party Like a Rockstar" a few too many times. But truly, who can party better? Have guests dress up like rock & roll icons from bands like Van Halen, Queen, Guns n Roses, White Snake and etc. Girls can choose to be singers like Stevie Nicks, Janice Joplin or the Wilson sisters. The ladies could also opt to dress up as groupies in super skippy clothing trying to impress the hard rockers. Get out your blow up guitars, shiny makeup and leather jackets for this event. 
4.  Cops and Robbers
This particular party theme might sound like its for a child's playtime, but you can make this party idea far from anything from your childhood. A woman could dress up as a sexy, seductress of a cop or rowdy robber in an all-black, skin-tight little number. Men could wear a jail house uniform in either a black-and-white striped or orange jumpsuit, or a male could even wear an all-black sweatsuit with a ski mask. Hopefully, someone gets creative enough to wear a ball chained to his foot. And maybe the muscular guy would dress up as a half-naked cop. To make it even more fun, let the ladies have handcuffs and pick out a robber to be cuffed to, or it could be the opposite way around. 
Stop with using cliche college party themes like a luau. These ideas are worn out. Why not spice things up a bit with these ideas? 
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