The 6 Worst Things To Clean The Morning After A Party

Pledge Alex Greek Life

For all guys that have pledged, there’s nothing worse than getting texts from brothers as you lay in your claustrophobic dorm room brutally hung over on a Sunday morning. "The house is a mess. The entire pledge class needs to be here ASAP to clean." After rallying the troops, here are the top five worst things to find waiting for you at a house the morning after a big party... Read more


NEW FEATURE: Respond To Ratings

GR Admin General

Think people are giving a fraternity or sorority on your campus a raw deal? Don't agree with a particular rating or review on Greekrank? You can now respond to them by clicking the "Respond" button below each rating.... Read more


Use Your Greek Network To Promote Gear

Sean General

We know – you’re in College, you’ve got parties, games to watch, the occasional class/cram session, you don’t have time for anything else – right? Not exactly, there is one easy way to earn a few bucks, receive free gear and even build your resume/network:  By becoming a campus brand ambassador... Read more


3 Ways Recruitment Prepares You For Real Life

Rachele Friedland Greek Life

Rush may seem like it doesn’t require practical skills, or that any skill is involved at all, but there are actually great practical skills you pick up from rushing as a new member and as an active member of your chapter that will help you after the college days are over.... Read more


5 Tips For The Best Fall Recruitment Ever

Rachele Friedland Greek Life

The excitement of seeing your sisters after a three-month break of relaxation fades quickly; even biological siblings know the worst type of bonding time is the forced bonding time. However, you can’t let frustration get in the way of recruitment. An entire class has gone alum in the spring semester and it’s time to sort through hundreds of girls who will be the next leaders and representatives of your house.... Read more


Must Have Summer Gear

Sean General

Are you ready to get wild before summer ends? Yes? You're not. You're not ready at all, yet. At least, not until you acquire some of these Summertime Party Starters. Consider them some of the greatest assets your summer portfolio will ever include. ... Read more


Battle of the Brains - Greeks VS GDIs

Cole Greek Life

Your trash can is overflowing with empty cans of red bull and cheese-crusted paper plates from late night pizza.  You look like Hodor from Game of Thrones and your pajamas reek from overuse.  You’re dreaming of worthless facts that you’ve crammed into your head.  Why is this happening?  Well, you’re either recovering from finals week or in the midst of it.  So the real question is, which type of people perform better in the world of academia... Read more


The Truth About Business Majors

Cole General

The truth about business majors is that they perceive the world in a way that does not match up to reality – often times, each profession is viewed in its most glorious interpretation.  Let’s check out what you thought each focus was and what it really is through a few visuals, mmk?... Read more