Must Have Summer Gear

Sean General

Are you ready to get wild before summer ends? Yes? You're not. You're not ready at all, yet. At least, not until you acquire some of these Summertime Party Starters. Consider them some of the greatest assets your summer portfolio will ever include. ... Read more


Battle of the Brains - Greeks VS GDIs

Cole Greek Life

Your trash can is overflowing with empty cans of red bull and cheese-crusted paper plates from late night pizza.  You look like Hodor from Game of Thrones and your pajamas reek from overuse.  You’re dreaming of worthless facts that you’ve crammed into your head.  Why is this happening?  Well, you’re either recovering from finals week or in the midst of it.  So the real question is, which type of people perform better in the world of academia... Read more


The Truth About Business Majors

Cole General

The truth about business majors is that they perceive the world in a way that does not match up to reality – often times, each profession is viewed in its most glorious interpretation.  Let’s check out what you thought each focus was and what it really is through a few visuals, mmk?... Read more


5 Reasons to Stay on Campus in the Summer

Cole General

For many of you, the school year is coming to an end and summer break is quickly approaching.  While you should be focused on preparing for finals and avoiding college’s many distractions, it’s easy to start thinking ahead towards your 3-month break.  Rather than spend your summer in your parent’s basement or your grandmother’s antique room (I’ve done both), your best bet may be to stay on campus during the summer.... Read more


Top 10 Worst Types of Roommates

Cole General

Maybe you are about to enroll in college and are debating between joining a house and living in the dorms.  Or perhaps you are on your way into the real world and your main focus is on getting a job that won’t require setting an alarm before 7am.  So unless you’re a trust fund baby who can afford a swanky pad with extra closet space for your satin-weave, silk-based linens... Read more


Unique College Party Theme Ideas

Ana Glassman General

You're at college to get an education, but why can't you have fun in the process? In addition to preparing you for your future career, you're also trying to make memories that will last a lifetime. With these party ideas, your soiree will definitely be a hit. ... Read more


5 Hangover Cures for the Party Animal

Ana Glassman General

Those students (including myself) at my university enjoying a M-W-F schedule enjoyed Western Wednesday. Every college has an equivalent: Messed up Monday, Trashed Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and for the daringly risqué, Fungi Friday (though that's sharing a cave with another beast entirely).... Read more


Getting Through Finals Without Losing It

Dan Branson Academics

Although there are a lucky few who don’t suffer from any anxiety or stress related to finals, let’s face it, just about everybody else does. Whether you simply forgot to study or just zoned out on certain subjects, a few handy tips for relieving the anxiety could mean the difference between finals success and failure.... Read more