Community College: Pros and Cons

John D’Amico Greek Life

A lot of people today are deciding to attend community college before going away to get their Bachelor’s degree at a university. So some may be wondering if this is a good idea or not. What are the pros and cons of starting your post-high school education at a community college? Well, let’s take a look.... Read more


5 Reasons Everyone Should Take A Challenging Class

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Greek Life

College tends to become a bit stagnate once you get used to the flow of things. Especially if you are one of those people who is on a pre-determined path and isn’t willing to take the risks of exploring different classes because you are too scared of a poor grade. This becomes the plight of many during the college experience. However, this is the ideal time to be performing a little self-discovery in the classroom. Whether you’re going on your merry way on an already determined career path or are further along and just need to broaden your mind a bit, here are 5 reasons that everyone should take a challenging class:... Read more


The 10 Types Of Meals In College

Nina Greek Life

After you leave the parent nest, you are pretty much on your own as far as what you eat. With limited time, lack of cooking experience, and the occasional late night craving your meals in college can get interesting to downright comical. Here are the 10 types of meals you will find yourself eating in college.... Read more


AlumAvenue: Interview with Chris Dunlap

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Greek Life

“The best advice I can give is to grind”. Featured is the second installment of the AlumAvenue interviews with recent college graduates. Last month, we heard from Sam Land who shared his thoughts on how society views recent grads not as people, but as workers. This month, we hear from Chris Dunlap as he expresses his life as a post graduate and he tells us about his post grad business.... Read more


August is a slow month of Greek philanthropy efforts, but by September the frequency of events usually begins to pick up. On many campuses across the country, these are the first Greek philanthropic events of the year and many of the new member’s first opportunities to partake in one of the greatest facets of Greek life. Take a look at some of the most noteworthy philanthropic events of September 2017.... Read more


Healthy Habits To Start In College

Jess Utile Greek Life

We have made the decision to start our adult lives by continuing our education in college, but us students are also known for our poor decision making. We eat a lot of junk food, gain weight, and never sleep. But these first few years of adulthood could be used to establish some healthy habits that would not only improve your life as a student, but launch a routine you are more likely to keep for the rest of your life.... Read more


Going to college is expensive. Not only do we have classes and books to pay for, but there are a lot of programs necessary to complete our assignments such as Microsoft and Adobe. Lucky for us, these companies understand how expensive college is so they offer all sorts of great deals to students. Here are some fantastic services offered for free or with a great discount that will make student life a little more affordable. ... Read more


Dropping College Courses - What To Consider

John D’Amico Greek Life

By October, most undergrads across the country are between one to two months into the first semester. It is right about that time of the semester when you might feel the desire to consider dropping one the courses for which you previously signed up. So is this alright to do? Let’s take a look.... Read more