11 College Startups You Should Know About

Theresa General

Tons of companies started out in collegiate dorm rooms on budgets of nothing. And look at them now -- Facebook, Google, Microsoft -- powerhouses of the tech industry. All it takes is a little (or a lot) of ingenuity, hard work, ambition, and perhaps eventually, a bit of venture capital. These 10 startups were built by college students and if you haven’t heard of them yet, keep a look out. ... Read more


10 Best Sorority Houses In America - Spring 2018

Theresa Greek Life

Glistening chandeliers, all-brick exteriors, and mile-wide porches. Some of the most beautiful sorority houses in America are fit for royalty -- and we can't stop staring. Here are the top sorority houses in America this semester. ... Read more


With just a couple of months left in the semester, you're probably looking into next year's housing situation. If on-campus housing was a requirement as a freshman, the chance to move into bigger, better, and less smelly off-campus apartments probably feels like Christmas. But until then, call it spring cleaning or a dorm room makeover, and spruce up your space this spring with these simple decor tips.  ... Read more


Top 5 Coldest Colleges

Tori Greek Life

Just when you thought winter was over, it wasn’t. For some in the northern and midwestern parts of the U.S., March 21 doesn’t signal spring as much as it does winter’s halfway point. More than prolonged freezing temperatures, these cities know snow -- one-third get at least four feet of snow a winter. ... Read more


Top Greek Philanthropy Events - March 2018

Jessica Greek Life

Spring philanthropic events are starting to kick off this month with the weather finally breaking (or not, if you’re at Minnesota State or the University of Wisconsin and your winters never end). And now that Dance Marathon is over -- and the weeks of planning that lead up to it -- Greeks are starting to host their own fundraisers. Here are the Greek philanthropic events making news this month. ... Read more


Should You Take A Gap Year?

Sarah General

Gap years are a bit foreign to us as Americans. Traditionally, we go from high school to college to employment. Perhaps we’ll switch career paths, moving laterally instead of up the ladder. Maybe we’ll decide to start a family, giving up work to raise children until we feel we’re ready to return. ... Read more


While most come for the rankings, GreekRank.com also provides a space for discussion, letting you gain perspective into the sororities and fraternities on each university campus and see what everyone's talking about. Which schools are the biggest hot spots for debate? ... Read more


Top Frat Coolers

Sarah Greek Life

We scoured Etsy, Pinterest, and sorority blogs from eight years ago to find some of the all-time best fraternity coolers out there. Mountain weekend, beach weekend, formal -- it doesn’t matter the occasion. You’re not truly initiated until a girl paints your Igloo. ... Read more