College Tips For Incoming Freshman

Are you ready for independence?
 Are you ready for independence?

Going away to college is not just a Blink 182 song - it can be a bit intimidating for anyone.  Afterall, it's the very first time many of us will be on our own for the first time without the support of family members or the support system one grew up with.  There are a lot of questions one will have: How do I make new friends? Where is the fun place to live on campus? How will I pay for fun activities on the weekend?  These anxieties can be nerve racking for any incoming freshman but don't fret because we are offering our advice on what to do in preparation for your big college debut.  These are Greek Rank's Top College Tips for Incoming Freshman.

1. Words from the Wise - Get in touch with any relatives or friends you know that have graduated from college or are currently attending a university.  Chances are these wise elders have gone through the same things you are currently worried about and may have some great advice! It may seem daunting but don’t be afraid to ask your parents for advice as well! They may seem out of touch but during their high-flying days they were quite hip with the mix and can quite literally relate.  Any advice you can get will help you along the new journey ahead.

2.  Get Oriented - Go to your school's orientation! Many of us feel the ease to rebel and skip what might seem like a waste of time during these first moments of newly found freedom.  Make sure you educate yourself on what is going on in the community and by learning where the important aspects of campus are. It will make your life a lot less stressful come fall!
3. Get to Work - Don't forget why you’re at college in the first place.  Go to class and find a job.  You'll thank yourself in the long run for staying on track and not getting behind on your studies.  There’s nothing worse than the stress of cramming before finals just to flunk and waste thousands of dollars.  In addition to simply going to class get out and find a job at a local bar or restaurant. You'll have some extra spending cash that your parents don't need to know about and meet some cool people along the way! 
4.  Have Fun – If you stay on track and don’t fall behind, you’ll never have anything to worry about on the weekends.  Those are for you to enjoy!



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