Top Lake-cations for College Students

Caribbean in the Mid-west
 Caribbean in the Mid-west

Top Lake-cations for College Students

Looking for some coastal action without the travel?  If you live near these top land locked water spots you may be in luck. These are Greek Rank’s Top 5 picks for local party lakes:

1. Lake Travis – Texas

Located on the Colorado River in Central Texas, Lake Travis is a go to party spot to catch some rays and waves – kind of like every other lake on this list. Known for its wild bachelorette parties and college getaways, anyone can be sure to find a good time.  Be careful though because Lake Travis is, in fact, not a lake at all.  It is a man-made water reservoir held in place by a giant dam.  It can actually be quite dangerous due to unpredictable undertow so make sure to wear your life vest and have a good (but safe) time.

2. Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri
Most people had never heard of Missouri’s now famous Lake of the Ozarks until the Netflix hit series Ozark came out a couple of years ago.  If you payed attention to the first episode then you remember that Lake Ozark is measured at over 92 miles from one end to the other.  It contains 1,150 miles of coastline which is more than the entire coastline of California.  Lake Ozark is known for it’s hot spot “Party Cove” which according to the New York Times it is the "oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country."

3. Lake Havasu – Arizona
Lake Havasu is mainly known for it’s fishing, hiking/camping, and wildlife.  However, the native college students of this Arizona dessert oasis have been known to turn it up a notch.  Found on many Spring Break and Memorial Weekend recommendations, it is definitely place that will get you wet.

4. Lake Cumberland – Kentucky
Found in the lower part of the state, Lake Cumberland is another man-made water reservoir that contains enough water to cover the entire commonwealth of Kentucky itself.  Another southern hot spot known for its bachelor, bachelorette parties, and it’s fishing.  So if you get the chance to test these waters – go for it – you just might get lucky.

5. Torch Lake – Michigan
Last but not least is a personal favorite of ours here at Greek Rank.  This Mid-west gem is known for its Caribbean blue waters and raging sand bars.  Carved from the earth by ancient glaciers it’s shallow waters are a clear destination for those looking to live up the short time between the brutal Northern winters.



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