Going to college is expensive. Not only do we have classes and books to pay for, but there are a lot of programs necessary to complete our assignments such as Microsoft and Adobe. Lucky for us, these companies understand how expensive college is so they offer all sorts of great deals to students. Here are some fantastic services offered for free or with a great discount that will make student life a little more affordable. ... Read more


Dropping College Courses - What To Consider

John D’Amico Greek Life

By October, most undergrads across the country are between one to two months into the first semester. It is right about that time of the semester when you might feel the desire to consider dropping one the courses for which you previously signed up. So is this alright to do? Let’s take a look.... Read more


Things To Enjoy In College While Still Socially Acceptable

Deborah Tragasz Greek Life

Once the semester starts, college tends to become its own little world for those in attendance. It has its own rules and norms…until of course you graduate and are in a completely new world…adulthood. Let’s face it, what seems normal and status quo while you’re an undergrad will probably earn some serious shade and concern post college. But for now, here’s a look at a few things that you should definitely indulge in until that day arrives.... Read more


Last semester, there were many things that I would have done differently if I could go back and redo it. Unfortunately, about halfway through the semester, my original plans for the semester changed and I started slacking more than I should have. I’m hoping to make this semester as good as the one I had planned last semester. Here is some advice that my spring semester self would tell my fall semester self.... Read more


The Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

Jess Utile Greek Life

Attending college full time keeps you busy. You have studying to do and papers to write and do not forget about your social life. But what about a job? Whether you are trying to make ends meet or just trying to earn a little extra cash, here are some great part-time jobs for college students.... Read more


AlumAvenue: Interview With Sam Land

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Academics

“We are just bodies meant to participate in the workforce and continue our capitalist system. Society does not care about graduates as people, but as workers.”- Sam Land  Recently, Sam Land graduated in the class of 2017 as a Liberal Studies major from State University of New York at Purchase, also known as SUNY Purchase. Land was happy to sit down with AlumAvenue to tell us about his post-graduation life.... Read more


Cutest Sorority Pledge Classes - Fall 2017

Kaleigh Greek Life

Recruitment season for most schools is in the rearview mirror. Bids have been extended to and accepted by thousands of new members across the country. Just like a bride on her wedding day, there are few days in a girls life when she glows as much as she does on bid day. It is now time for chapters to flaunt the new adorable additions to their houses. Just like we did in the spring, here is a list of the 10 cutest sororoity pledge classes in the nation for Fall Semester 2017.... Read more


5 Tips For Staying Academically Organized

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Academics

Life as a college student is hectic. There is a constant juggling of priorities. It is important to stay as organized as possible to get everything that needs to get accomplished done in a timely manner. Here are 5 tips for how to stay organized in your academic work:... Read more