​How To Succeed In College When You Are Failing

Joshua David Greek Life

Are you failing your classes? Are you falling behind in a particular area? Then it is definitely time to step back and reevaluate where you are. There are four major areas where college students have trouble with: procrastination, aptitude, course load, and outside priorities. There is a plethora of other issues that could cause problems in college, but we will focus on these major four in this article.... Read more


Natural Energy Boosters

Jess Utile Greek Life

There are not enough hours in the day to complete all the work assigned to college students and this forces a lot of us to withstand all-nighters fueled with coffee and kickstarts, but there are healthier ways to get a little extra energy. Here are some products and tips that can give you the energy you need to complete that seven-pager and make you more productive.... Read more


Top 10 Most Beautifully Distracting Campuses in The Country

Nicole Bradley-Bernard Greek Life

When you begin to experience the inevitable anxiety that happens during the college experience, there isn’t a lot better to help curb your apprehension than a leisurely stroll through a beautiful campus. There is just something about breathtaking scenery that distracts the brain and allows worries to just fade away. Most college campuses make staying well-kept and pleasant to the eye a priority. However, it would be hard to beat these ten campuses... Read more


Must-Dos Over Thanksgiving Break

Kera Greek Life

Thanksgiving break: the wonderful week filled with food, family, and no classes. Many of you are back in your hometown after several stressful weeks away at college. You have more free time than you have had in a while, but how should you spend it? Below are a few practical ways to spend your Thanksgiving break.... Read more


Greek Life News - Week of Nov 13

Sarah Greek Life

Suspensions, hazing, movie deals. It's been a crazy week in Greek life around the country. Here are the biggest fraternity and sorority headlines. DA To Announce Results From Penn State Investigation  Results into the death of a Beta Theta Pi fraternity pledge are scheduled to be live-streamed on Monday, November 13th.... Read more


Top 10 Best College Town Eats

Joshua David Greek Life

So you have just finished rush, or maybe a really hard exam and you are ready to celebrate with some fantastic eats.  Now you are faced with the one question that has dumbfounded man for centuries. The question that has ruined relationships, marriages, and families.  What do you want to eat?  I know it is hard to utter especially if you are starving college student, but fear not for I am going to help you make that weighty decision.  The following is a list of the top ten best college town eats.... Read more


Four Simple Tips For The Commuter Student

Brendaliz Torres Greek Life

Attending a university that is only five minutes away is extremely convenient. But, there were so many things I wish I had known as a freshman and not halfway through my undergraduate experience. Here, I share the keys for the best mix of #socollege and #commuterlife.... Read more


Community College: Pros and Cons

John D’Amico Greek Life

A lot of people today are deciding to attend community college before going away to get their Bachelor’s degree at a university. So some may be wondering if this is a good idea or not. What are the pros and cons of starting your post-high school education at a community college? Well, let’s take a look.... Read more