Moving away from home can be thrilling, nerve-racking, and tear-jerking for your parents. But while your mom is worried about her little baby leaving the nest, you are worried about how you are going to cram all your stuff into your new (undoubtable small) college living space. Worry no more. Here are some creative storage solutions for your first dorm or apartment.... Read more


5 Types Of College Professors

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Academics

College professors have wide ranges of personalities, but there are five common types that every college student will come across during their undergraduate careers. Some of these personalities are irritating…while others can make learning fun. Also, some might not be your favorite, but they will make you a better person in life. Also keep in mind that a professor’s teaching style can change how a college student’s academic performance.... Read more


Have you ever been in a car accident? Have you ever been the one driving when you were in a car accident? College students have enough stress to deal with as it is. Getting into a car accident takes an undergrad’s blood pressure to a boil. The experience can be scary and confusing, I should I know…I just went through it myself. Let me give you some advice.... Read more


5 Political Topics College Students Should Care About

John D’Amico Academics

It is a fascinating time to be following politics. A lot of people are quite passionate about their opinions. And a lot more people are active in politics than they used to be. As college students, some of you may wonder what issues you should care the most about. What are the issues that will affect your life the most? Well, let’s take a look.... Read more


Lessons Every College Freshman Should Expect To Learn

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Greek Life

College is a time of learning. Trust that this learning extends far outside the classroom. More than any year, the first year on campus will have the most extra-curricular lessons. Freshman need to learn quick, or college might swallow them whole. In order to get freshman prepared for the first fall semester of their undergraduate careers, here is a list of some of those lessons they should be preparing to learn as quickly as possible.... Read more


How To Get Out Of An Academic Slump

Kera Academics

We’ve all experienced it: that feeling of trying and trying, but getting nowhere. The homework is piling up and you keep getting farther and farther behind. You are ready to give up. Here are a few tips to help you get out of the slump and back into the groove.... Read more


We are all well acquainted with student loans and the financial burdens that come with attending college, but there are ways to avoid debt and one of the easiest ways to save your hard-earned cash is to start your college education at a community college. Let’s examine some of the benefits of making a community college your first stop of your undergraduate career.... Read more


Common College Life Experiences

Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Greek Life

Going to college opens a college student to a new educational world. They will experience things that will only happen because they are in college. Undergraduates will go through changes in their lives. Some of their experiences will be either bad or good, but they will play a major role in the type of adult they will become. The possibilities and outcomes of an average college student are endless. Here are six common things a college student will learn once they attend to college.... Read more