We envy the students who knew what they wanted to major in before they left for college. In fact, we even envy the students who still feel committed to the major that they enrolled in, two years later. Why? Because in today’s day and age, commitment to anything is a lot harder to come by. Overwhelmed by indecision (and told we have the ability to do it all), most millenials are finding that because there are so many career options to choose from, picking exactly the right one that will guarantee success and happiness is harder than ever. ... Read more


Best Colleges For Campus Dining

Jessica General

Ask your parents what it was like when they went to college. When it comes to dining, we’ll bet they don't say they had a 24-hour Taco Bell on campus, multiple Starbucks, and the option to dine at a restaurant that was almost in the running for a Michelin rating. But for college students these days, it’s not only common but expected. ... Read more


You’ve heard it too many times before. Practicing gratitude is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your life. But your in college, the best four years OF your life, and probably already aware that it’s not going to get any better than this. In fact, you’re right. To help bring this to your attention, we’ve compiled the seven things you’ll miss most about college after you graduate, so you can stop taking them for granted now and start spending even more time engaging in these extra-curriculars. ... Read more


In Other News: Greek Life News Roundup

Sarah Greek Life

When Greek life goes bonkers, and chapters from campuses in Arkansas to Syracuse start to make national and even international headlines for hazing allegations, sexual misconduct, racial slurs, and crimes against humanity, it’s time to look for the positive. Here’s our roundup of sorority and fraternity headlines that don’t make you wonder what happened to morality at some chapters, that remind you about the importance of philanthropy in Greek life, and now more than ever, appreciate Queen Bey. ... Read more


Most Cliche Greek Life Movies Of All Time

Tori Greek Life

The list to top all other lists -- what movies portrayed Greek life in the most accurate (or inaccurate) light, with the most over the top (or overwhelmingly basic) antics, and memorable and/or cringeworthy characters? There's lots to satirize about sororities and fraternities, but at some point, things get a bit overparodized. Here’s our list of the all-time cliched Greek life movies.... Read more


Most Unique College Courses

Theresa Academics

Each college is known for having a professor or class that “changes your life.” The professor who calls out student errors like no teacher ever, the course that is impossible to get anything better than a "C" in, the research assignment that has you tenting downtown to get primary data on your town’s homeless population. But what about courses that are simply unique in their own right? ... Read more


Top 5 Miss Greek Pageants

Tori Greek Life

Miss Greek pageants are happening this time of year at colleges across the country, and we’ve funnelled the list down to five of the most popular, highest-raising, oldest-running, largest pageants and more. ... Read more


Coolest Summer 2018 Internships

Jessica General

With summer break around the corner, by now you should have started thinking about how you’re spending those summer months not stuck on campus. We suggest making the most of it so your resume shines when you graduate -- competition for jobs is fierce, and you’ll need a well-padded resume to get even a semblance of your dream job. ... Read more