Most visitors who come to aren’t here to browse the site. You, fellow Greek collegiate, are likely not interested in the latest srat rankings at a university you didn’t know existed. More often than not, you’re probably only here to scope out the discussions on your own school only. And fair enough.... Read more


10 Tips To Survive Midterms

Pete Academics

This one’s for the procrastinator’s out there. If you thought midterms were just another test you could study for via an all-nighter the night prior, well. You’re sort of right. They’re not that much worse.... Read more


Top Fraternity Halloween Parties 2018

Chris Greek Life

Few will beg to differ when we say Halloween weekend is one of the most fun times of the year. When the costumes come out -- from the clever Adult Swim characters to the barely there get-up's -- it seems alter ego’s do as well, with typically chill houses throwing down with the wildest parties and the most introverted among us finally coming out of their shells.... Read more


Are You Making The Most Of College?

Jessica General

No doubt you’ve entered college with one thing on your mind: you were going to do it all. You were going to join all of the clubs, participate in all of the club sports, go to all the parties. You’d maintain a reasonable courseload, perhaps ask your favorite professor out to coffee for an informational interview, and study for midterms starting in September. No FOMO for you these four years, you might’ve told yourself.... Read more


Your university career center has probably done a great job of supplying you with all the resources and tools you need to ace a job interview. Myers-Briggs personality test? Check. Career aptitude test? Check. Job interview practice sessions? Check. Business professional wardrobe styling? Very likely, check.... Read more


5 Alternative Ways to Spend Halloween

Tim General

Let’s face it. Dressing up for Halloween, whilst fun and allowing an opportunity to engage in a little cosplay, can be costly, time-consuming, and overrated. Spend one hundred dollars on a costume after you’ve spent three weeks trying to figure out what that costume would be, and by the time the Halloween parties roll around, you’re not even sure if it’s all worth it.... Read more


Top Party Schools - Fall 2018

Matt Greek Life

We’re not covering party schools because we’re advising you to go to the below universities. We’re covering party schools because so many of you either think your school should make the list, or are wondering if it already has. While you can find top party school lists across the internet -- with the Princeton Review being the authority on the topic -- we’ve consolidated student reviews across sites, including our own, to find out which colleges have the most active, fun, and boozy social scene.... Read more


GreekRank is zeroing in on the sororities and fraternities across the country that embody what makes Greek life great. In our Profile series, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about local chapters and what makes them unique. This week, we highlight the Alpha chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Illinois Wesleyan University.... Read more