It’s the collegiate equivalent of New Year’s Day. When you’re starting out at the beginning of the school year, your ambitions are high, your fear of failure is nonexistent, and you’re feeling motivated to take on everything. Our advice? Take on everything. Now’s the time to pursue -- or at least, make a list of -- all of the things you want to try and tackle this year.... Read more


It’s finally fall semester, chock full of back-to-school feels, thirsty Thursday’s and gameday weekends. And, a whole new semester of romantic opportunity. If you’ve had a dry summer, or you’re sick of seeing all the faces of high school loves past, then welcome back to campus where there’s no shortage of fish in the sea.... Read more


GreekRank is zeroing in on the sororities and fraternities across the country that embody what makes Greek life great. In our Profile series, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about local chapters and what makes them unique. This week, we highlight the Beta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at Florida State University.... Read more


10 Tips to Win Orientation Week

Chelsea General

Nothing will be more terrifying in your four years of college than the very first week you arrive. Orientation week will make you forget you’re a newly designated adult, and throw you back into feeling like it’s freshman year of high school. Will I make friends? Will people like me? What should I wear? Who should I be? Will I get lost? ... Read more


College can be a whole lot more enjoyable when you’re not faced with the pile of student debt looming over you post-graduation. But what many don’t realize is that one small step can make mitigating that load a lot easier: taking the time to apply for scholarships, grants, merits and other financial aid.... Read more


Top Female College Vloggers To Follow

Theresa General

Because who watches TV anymore? Today, most of us tune into YouTube or Netflix before we click through channels on cable television. The ability to find exactly what you’re interested in -- exactly when you want to watch it -- is the norm these days.... Read more


How will you make your resume stand out once you graduate? Sure, you could join a bunch clubs, perhaps even taking leadership positions within them. Even better, you'll have garnered at least an internship or two to show you gained some real professional experience over those four years.... Read more


Summer Reading You Wish Was Required

Megan Academics

College is a fabulous academic period where all of your classes in a semester start and finish within a couple of months -- and then no strings attached. You’re off for the summer, with no required reading, summer homework, tests or projects due. So how do you spend your time? Reading what you’re interested in, consuming the content you want, and bingeing on whatever suits your fancy.... Read more