While our next article very well may be on the importance of not shaming yourself for being unproductive, we’re not there yet. We’re still talking about productivity -- but not because you need to be more productive. It’s because procrastination exists, and never before have there been so many easy ways to procrastinate.... Read more


How To Avoid The Freshman 15

Tim Sports

The second most stressful part of starting freshman year -- next to rush week -- is adjusting to the change in diet and lifestyle that tends to pack on the pounds. It’s a perfect storm: the college mealplan that provides nightly buffets, the late-night eating to fuel study sessions or post-party munchies, the lack of sleep, the additional stress. Then, add thousands of additional calories your body never previously consumed in the form of booze, and it's not surprise it's not the Freshman 30.... Read more


How To Know If A Sorority Is Right For You

Theresa Greek Life

Before classes even start, before you’re fully moved into your dorm, heck -- before you have even started packing for the move away to college -- you’ve probably been thinking about what sorority chapter will consume the next four years of your life.... Read more


Top GreekRank.com Discussions - September 2018

Cara Greek Life

At any given time, hundreds of college students are on GreekRank.com replying to discussion threads, up and downvoting comments, and responding to the most popular topics on campus and in Greek life. What schools and Greek chapters dominant the conversation?... Read more


How To Make A Great First Impression

Tim General

They say that within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, a first impression is formed, and that first impression has lasting effects on your relationship with that person. So as you kick off a new semester, creating relationships in the classroom, in your chapter, or on the weekends, consider these top tips for leaving a great first impression.... Read more


Did you know that 65% of kids who enter elementary school today will likely end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet? Technology, data, artificial intelligence, and robots means that humans are needed less and less for the type of work machines are designed for. So what jobs will cease to exist? Or even more importantly, what new jobs will be created -- that weren’t even around ten years ago? ... Read more


Best College Dorm Rooms - Fall 2018

Theresa General

Who’s dorm rooms look like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens or Dwell Magazine? These dorm rooms. Here’s the best of dorm room decor this semester.... Read more


It’s the collegiate equivalent of New Year’s Day. When you’re starting out at the beginning of the school year, your ambitions are high, your fear of failure is nonexistent, and you’re feeling motivated to take on everything. Our advice? Take on everything. Now’s the time to pursue -- or at least, make a list of -- all of the things you want to try and tackle this year.... Read more