has tallied up all of the ratings and rankings to unveil the fraternities and sororities who are the current all-time leaders in each of the following categories:   Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Involvement, Classiness, Popularity, Looks, Fun, And Overall Highest Ranked... Read more


Attention Potential New Members! With recruitment just around the corner, it might be difficult to imagine what you could talk about with current sorority members for 15-, 30-, and even 40-minute intervals of time. There’s the obligatory, “So how's recruitment going for you?” “Good, and you?” that you’ll go through, as well as talking about your home town, and your major. But then what... Read more


My Rush Experience And Tips

Cassie Greek Life

The recruitment process is extremely exhausting, but I believe it is completely worth the time for every potential Greek college student. It was an experience that I did not expect and will never forget. Waking up at 5am to attempt to make myself look presentable, flirting with girls for hours during the day and struggling to keep my bubbly personality through endless amounts of Red Bulls... Read more


Sorority Rush Do's And Don'ts

Megan Greek Life

So there’s a lot of pressure that comes with rush. Everyone in the room has the same goal – to make each house want them as a member. You want to leave the best impression - here’s how you can make sure that happens... Read more


The 5 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Rush

Lisa Greek Life

Whether it’s fall or spring recruitment, there’s always the excitement and apprehension that comes with getting ready for one of the biggest events on campus. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably counting down the days until Recruitment Kickoff, to the point where you’re getting a little antsy from waiting. Here are the five things you can do over break to make sure you’re “recruitment ready”... Read more


Party Stages Of New Year's Eve

Danielle General

New Year's Eve can never be a simple process. Generally, each year is hit or miss no matter how much you try and plan the perfect night. Either way, the following time line usually stays the same... Read more


There Really Is No Place Like Home

Karaline Greek Life

As the semester dwindles down there is one thing on everyone’s mind: break. Every collegian knows that there are some major differences between college life and being home for the holidays. Here are the top 5 indicators that you are home on break from college... Read more


15 Signs You Were Born To Be Greek

Carley Greek Life

There are those who were born great- great athletically, intellectually, musically, creatively, spaciously, and so on. Their gene pool outweighs the rest. It seems failure is never an option for these people. Then, there are those select few who we have trouble pinpointing their greatness because it expands to such great borders. They were born leaders, representing a brother or sisterhood larger than themselves... Read more