Battle of the Brains - Greeks VS GDIs

These are some athletic greeks
 These are some athletic greeks

Your trash can is overflowing with empty cans of red bull and cheese-crusted paper plates from late night pizza.  You look like Hodor from Game of Thrones and your pajamas reek from overuse.  You’re dreaming of worthless facts that you’ve crammed into your head.  Why is this happening?  Well, you’re either recovering from finals week or in the midst of it.  So the real question is, which type of people perform better in the world of academia
– the Greeks or the GDIs?

A number of studies have been performed over the past ten years that all support statistics crowning the Greeks as the winner in the battle of the brains.  In some cases, “timely” graduation rates were nearly double and grade point averages were approximately five percent higher across multiple universities.  Here are some theories as to why Greeks score higher in more than just the social scene.

1) Greeks are more competitive: From the intramural fields to homecoming competitions, Greeks take pride in doing well and winning at everything.  You can eat six slices bro?  I can eat two full pizzas!  You can pull off lulu and flip flops to class?  I’m going in pure body paint!  You only have three parking tickets this semester?  My dad paid for ten already!  The natural competitive nature of people in the Greek community pushes each other to attempt to excel in everything they do – even scoring higher in the classroom.  I still remember two stoners competing over who could smoke more weed and still score a B on a creative writing final.  Amazingly, they both aced the test….but their math grades ended up suffering a bit.  Who needs the left side of their brain anyway?


2) Greeks are more organized: It’s no secret that Greeks live in a more structured environment.  Wake up at 8:00 am.  Library by 8:30.  Dinner at 5:00.  Intramurals at 7:00.  Get hazed at 10:00 pm.  Study at 11.  And that’s just the pledges!  In truth, Greeks chose to join a house to be part of “the club”.  Most of the days and weeks are structured around group activities, which makes everyone keep a pretty good schedule and generally speaking, remain organized.  Even the nine girls crammed into one small room on the third floor of their sorority sequence their clothes and heels in the closet to minimize their “get-ready” time.  And what does all this seemingly immaterial organization lead to?  More organization in the classroom, in their houses, and in life.


3) Greeks have a more balanced lifestyle: The social benefit of being in a fraternity or sorority is fairly obvious.  You immediately have 99 best girl friends to shop with, fight with, talk behind the backs of, make up over a bottle of pinot grigio and vanilla cake, and then steal the boyfriends of….ok we’re getting carried away.  The point is that Greeks live full, balanced lifestyles.  The social life is built in and many of the day’s necessities (having stuff to eat, movies to watch, game rooms, and friends at every turn) is all under one roof.  This allows members to focus more on what’s left – the stuff in the classroom – and not spend time expending energy on what isn’t right in front of you.


4) Greeks raise the bar for other Greeks: We all know that kid who can sleep until sunset from partying the night before.  His door is almost always locked, his room as dark as a cave from a James Cameron movie, his floor littered with the clothes he’s worn over the entire semester.  But in dorm land, no one is knocking on their door or checking up on them.  In the fraternity, the brothers practically bring out the jaws of life to drag their comrade to the library or the classroom.  Plain and simple, Greeks raise the bar for other Greeks – they don’t want to see their friends fail or underperform.  And when one of them is doing exceptionally well, their success becomes contagious for the other members.  Humans are creatures of habit, and when we see someone do something the right way and get rewarded for it (i.e. get good internships, job offers, etc.), we want the same.


5) Greeks have a better perspective on long-term success: Why did you join a house?  Was it really just for the social life, or do you know something that the others don’t (even if you didn’t realize it until now)?  The reality is that most world leaders work well with others, thrive in competitive environments, want to swim with the sharks, be the whale in the ocean instead of the carp in the town lake.  The power of the network you’ll make in the Greek community and through your friendships with your brothers and sisters has infinitely more long-term value than having a study-buddy in at the end of your dorm hall. 



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