5 Tips For The Best Fall Recruitment Ever

Get your recruit on
 Get your recruit on
 Rachele Friedland  

The excitement of seeing your sisters after a three-month break of relaxation
fades quickly; even biological siblings know the worst type of bonding time is
the forced bonding time. However, you can’t let frustration get in the way of

An entire class has gone alum in the spring semester and it’s
time to sort through hundreds of girls who will be the next leaders and
representatives of your house.

Here are some tips to make this fall recruitment practice the most beneficial
for your chapter, and for your own survival:

1. Go over recruitment songs with your bump group. A lot of tension
in the house starts with Senior members getting frustrated reviewing songs
they already know, making the new members who are going through
recruitment for the first time on the “other side” embarrassed to speak up. No
one is going to want to join your sorority based on the songs and skits, but if
you’re off beat, it looks awkward.

2. Buy your outfits early. Whatever your Recruitment Chair has in mind is
probably in season at the time and might not be available when recruitment
practice starts. Avoid buying items last minute that your Recruitment Chair
doesn’t approve of, and shop ASAP.

3. Have speaking points ready. Have speaking points that aren’t stats
about your philanthropy. The best way to get to know a potential new member
is through genuine conversation. Rush is intimidating to everyone, but it
shouldn’t be. You, as a member, are at a place you feel your best, with likeminded
women you really like, and you want to find cool new members to help
your house thrive. Ask new members questions about things you like to do,
e.g. concerts, movies, festivals, museums, etc.

4. Know when your chapter is having practice. Do not rely on the lovely
sheet of paper your Recruitment Chair handed you three months ago. Put
those dates into your calendar on your phone. Set reminders on your phone
for an hour before any practice time so you’ll have enough time to ditch
whatever you’re doing and get to the house on time.

5. STAY HYDRATED! It’s hot, it’s muggy, you’re practicing in full rush
attire (I’m talking about the stilettos), you’re miserable. Water is the only
liquid that will hydrate you, and get you through the long, sweltering day (full
disclosure: I said this in a business meeting and got made fun of, that’s how
serious I am about it).

No matter how hot, tired, and frustrated you may get during recruitment
practice, remember how exciting it will be to welcome a new pledge class into
your house. Seeing the new member’s excited faces when they arrive at your
house on Bid Day will make the long hours so worth it. Take care of your
house by taking care of yourself; it’ll make all the difference.


Rachele Friedland is a writer for Dentity (dentity.com), the group directory for fraternities and sororities. She's an aspiring stand-up comic, Mexican food enthusiast, and believes in Disco's revival. She's an especially proud alumna of Tri Delta at CSU Long Beach.



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