Top 10 Sororities of 2021

Phi Mu Sorority at FSU
 Phi Mu Sorority at FSU

With the first month of 2021 in the books, we’re ranking the best sororities so far. These chapters are ranked on popularity, social life, friendliness, sisterhood, and other factors. Here are the sororities that are off to a strong start in 2021!


10. Zeta Tau Alpha – New York University

The Zetas at NYU boast top ratings in the social life and popularity categories. They’re also known around campus for being diverse and holding themselves with confidence. These girls are a chapter to watch in 2021!
9. Phi Mu – Florida State

The Phi Mus at FSU are known for their solid sisterhood. These ladies are constantly praised for being easygoing, carefree, and genuine. They’re continuing to live up to their reputation as a well-rounded house in 2021 – keep it up, Phi Mu!
8. Delta Delta Delta – Pepperdine University

The Tri Delts at Pepperdine are ranked highly for their involvement, sisterhood, and social life. They frequently receive positive ratings for being down to earth, dedicated to their philanthropy, and active on campus. Keep your eye on these ladies this year!
7. Kappa Alpha Theta – Arizona State

The Thetas at ASU have a whopping 526 rankings on Greekrank, most of which rate them highly in the categories of classiness and popularity. Aside from their popularity, they’re also known for consistently having some of the the highest GPAs on ASU’s campus.
6. Pi Beta Phi – Arizona State

With a stellar Instagram presence, it’s no surprise Phi Phi at ASU makes the list. These girls are more than just their looks – they’re highly rated for being fun-loving and genuine. The Pi Phis of ASU are on the rise this year.
5. Gamma Phi Beta – University of Arizona

The Gamma Phis at the University of Arizona are ranked highly for their popularity, sisterhood, and social life. With an impressive 565 ratings, these girls continue to rack up more and more ratings each day.
4. Alpha Chi Omega – University of Michigan
The AXO’s at University of Michigan are known for their good reputation on campus, which is reflected in their top scoring category – classiness. These ladies are considered the nicest of the houses at Michigan and are set apart by their combination of brains and beauty.  
3. Delta Gamma –  UC Irvine
DG’s are a top house at UC Irvine – and their rankings definitely show that. They consistently score high in social life, popularity, and involvement. They’re also known for being one of the best looking houses and always have great pledge classes. Keep it up, DG!
2. Kappa Delta – SDSU

KD’s page is full of ratings that vouch for their strong sisterhood and involvement in the Greek community. They score highly across the board in all categories and are especially complimented on their authenticity and friendliness. They’re one to watch in 2021!
1.Alpha Omicron Pi –  Indiana University
AOII at IU always comes out on top of the rankings. Boasting a whopping 605 ratings, these ladies are known for their friendliness, good looks, and dedication to school. With AOII being the biggest sorority in the country, it’s no surprise this chapter takes the top spot. The AOIIs of IU are starting off 2021 strong!



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