College Life: How to Survive Your Freshman Year

Happy Freshman Student
 Happy Freshman Student

While the idea of going to college sounds exciting, it is equally intimidating too. You are thrilled to make new friends and do all the “grown-up” stuff. But the realization of living away from your family and that too in a tiny dorm with a total stranger can instantly give you a bad case of the jitters. All the excitement that you may have for your new journey may start to fritter away.

 But don’t worry.
In this blog post, we have gathered all those practical tips that will help you thrive and survive the first year of college like a pro!

1. Attend All of Your On-Campus Orientations

Even if it is the fourth tour of your campus!
You need to know your way around the college; so it is necessary to make as many tours as you may require to figure out which route takes you to the library, class, halls, cafeteria, etc. You can compare your college schedule with your roommate’s or dorm neighbor’s and see if you both share any mutual classes. If yes, you can walk to class together.

2. Get Along with Your Roommate

You can make your college life fun and memorable by making great, like-minded friends. And you can find that kind of friend in your roommate. Build a positive relationship with your roommate to live a fine, comfortable life in your dorm.

3. Attend Every Class

Remember that college life is tough. You will need to come prepared. It may be tempting to skip an 8 AM class but avoid this kind of temptation.
Make it a point to attend every class, no matter how easy the subject may be. By attending your classes regularly, you will learn vital information, like what to expect in exams, upcoming projects/tests, changes in the due date, etc.

4. Make Yourself Known to Your Professor

After the first class, meet your professor and introduce yourself to them. This will increase your chances of sticking out in their minds. A good rapport with your professors may also guarantee you good marks, internship opportunities, job prospects, etc.

5. Maintain a Work-Life Balance

College life is a mix of social and academic activities. The key is to find the right balance so that you can get the best of both worlds!

6. Stay Healthy

Stick to a healthy diet to avoid getting ill. Without having parents around, it is easy to fall victim to an unbalanced diet, full of calorie-loaded meals. Therefore, be mindful of what you eat/drink and what you don’t. Limit the intake of caffeine and energy drinks as they can become addictive. Along with a healthy diet, ensure that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.
In addition to these tips, remember to always seek professional help when need be, don’t do things under peer pressure, avoid making hasty decisions regarding your major or career, be active and prioritize your life, find ways to deal with homesickness, and last but not least, aim for excellent grades!



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