Sorority Recruitment 101: What to Wear During Rush

Stylish Sorority Sister
 Stylish Sorority Sister

Are you all ready and excited to start your college life? Your wide grin gives away the fact that you are! But are you worried about attending your sorority rush? Part of the reason why you may be worried is probably that you haven’t found “the dress” to wear. Don’t fret; you are not alone. Every year, many college girls face the same dilemma; what is the best outfit for them to wear to their sorority recruitment?

And since sorority rush is one of the most significant aspects of a young college girl’s life, it is natural to be at a loss for what to wear to the event. In this blog post, we’ve got you covered. We’ve explained what the different days of sorority rush are, their importance in the recruitment process, and also what you should wear on each of these days!

 Day 1: Sorority Open House Day

This is the most casual day in the entire sorority recruitment process. As such, feel free to opt for casual attire. On this day, you’ll get a chance to explore different chapters, talk to girls belonging to each chapter, and decide which one you like best or least. 
Some of the sorority campuses give each visitor a PNM shirt or dress to wear. During your visit, you should wear an adorable, casual outfit like a floral sundress or casual jeans paired with a funky top. Complete your look by wearing some cute lace-up heels or comfy flats, and don’t forget to accessorize with some lovely bracelets.

Day 2: Philanthropy Day

Remember that this day is more serious than open house day. So you will need to dress up accordingly.
Opt for a dressy-casual look rather than casual wear or formal wear. For this day, you can consider a single color-toned sundress and pair it up with a denim jacket or a coat/blazer. You can also wear a trendy top with a skirt and team them up with a matching jacket.

Day 3: Sisterhood Night

This is an “invite-only” round, which means that you will be invited to come back to the house. This is the time to get personal and chatty with other sorority girls.
The theme is “sisterhood,” so go for some high-fashion chic wear. A short romper or a romper dress with wedges or pencil heels is a great choice. Avoid full-length dresses with lots of sparkles or heavy embroidery.

Day 4: Bid Day

This is the last and final round of sorority rush. You will likely get your bid card, which will seal your sorority fate. Go for a sassy, semi-formal dress with your favorite high heels. Style your hair in a messy ponytail or braid, and you are good to go!
Now that you have gotten a low-down of what to wear to sorority rush, it is time to go sorority rush shopping!



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