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Notice all the ADPi babies By: TTU greek   Last Post:

Lots of girlz havin babies do they know how contraception...Read More

By: TTU greek   Last Post:

Started: Apr 14, 2022 8:50:38 AM
all sorority rank By: neesa   Last Post:

Top: KD Upper Middle: PM, ADPi Lower Middle: DG, OMEGA PHI ALPHA Bottom:...Read More

By: neesa   Last Post:

Started: Aug 23, 2018 10:09:11 PM
dphie ??????!!!!!!!!???? By: ?????   Last Post:

is dphie considered the weird sorority on campus or...Read More

By: ?????   Last Post:

Started: Aug 29, 2022 6:36:02 PM
Is DPhie worth looking into? By: Luv   Last Post:

I’ve heard good and bad things about DPhie. For those...Read More

By: Luv   Last Post:

Started: Jul 24, 2021 5:20:56 PM
Why did Dphie delete their big/little reveal photos? By: Greeker   Last Post:

I noticed on their Instagram that they took down everything...Read More

By: Greeker   Last Post:

Started: Jul 15, 2021 2:42:35 PM
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dphie on the rise? By: ttu alum   Last Post:

Alum from another chapter here- dphie got chapter of the...Read More

By: ttu alum   Last Post:

Started: May 10, 2021 7:17:41 PM
What sorority was before DPhiE By: Ttu   Last Post:

Hi so I’ve heard a lot about another sorority being...Read More

By: Ttu   Last Post:

Started: Feb 6, 2021 9:20:39 PM
New sorority rankings By: beth   Last Post:

I was just wondering what the new sorority rankings are...Read More

By: beth   Last Post:

Started: Apr 13, 2021 8:48:45 AM
Sorority recruitment By: Future student   Last Post:

How competitive is rush at tech? Do you need recs...Read More

By: Future student   Last Post:

Started: Dec 9, 2020 9:01:36 PM
new sorority rank By: loren   Last Post:

KD ADPi DG PM DPE Sorry, Phi Mu, but you've slipped in grades, numbers, and...Read More

By: loren   Last Post:

Started: May 8, 2019 3:03:13 PM
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