dphie on the rise?

by: ttu alum

Alum from another chapter here- dphie got chapter of the year for 2020-2021 which is so awesome for them! they’ve been considered a bottom tier since they started at tech but do y’all see that changing any time soon? i sure would love to see them move up! love the deephers i know

Posted By: ttu alum
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#1  by: Sally   

Honestly just because they got chapter doesn’t really mean people will like them more. You have to think about their relations with everyone else and heaven knows they are awful at that look at their pres and recruitment chair lol anyways

By: Sally
#2  by: Girl   

Totally agree with the first comment. You have to think of the people who are leadership. Honestly some of the girls don’t care about relations. The girls Ik that joined last fall are really active and are friends with a lot of people in greek life. It just depends who’s reping them.

By: Girl

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