all sorority rank

by: neesa

Top: KD
Upper Middle: PM, ADPi
Bottom: D Phi E

Y'all forget O phi A every time and they are a pretty good sorority.

Posted By: neesa
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#1  by: Lol   

Those are real sororities. Bye

By: Lol
by: kmaSep 1, 2018 10:06:54 PM

yes. all six of them are real sororities. your point?

By: kma
by: yepAug 5, 2021 6:06:13 PM

agree with this one

By: yep
#2  by: Greekie   

OPA is a service sorority, not on the National Panhellenic Council like ADPi, Phi Mu, KD, Dphie, and DG. They dont count on this website. Do you know how this works??????

By: Greekie
by: reySep 30, 2018 12:21:08 AM

They are still a REAL sorority on TTU's campus and has been since 1973. Perhaps you're the one who doesn't get how this works.

By: rey
#3  by: Nunya   

Why does nobody like Delta phi epsilon? I have met these girls and they are sweet and genuine. I don’t understand.

By: Nunya
by: rlyNov 11, 2018 9:31:17 PM

Because they talk smack about other sororities.

By: rly
#4  by: Yep   

This is accurate

By: Yep
#5  by: Ehhh   

It’s more like

Phi Mu

KD and ADPi have been top for decades and that’s hard to change. DG and Phi Mu fluctuate but both have made improvements over the years. DPHIE is newer and are making a good effort but you can’t start off on top. It takes time to establish at such a small school, but they’re getting there. Everyone but OPA and some smaller frats thinks OPA is irrelevant.

By: Ehhh
by: hiwApr 7, 2019 2:13:33 PM

My mom was an OPA in the eighties. Apparently they were really big back then. She was really bummed when I didn't join, but I told her they just don't seem that big a deal anymore and went through regular recruitment. I know a few OPAs and they are really great, but I'm happy where I am.

By: hiw
#6  by: Letsgetreal   

If OPA was a real sorority they would’ve been invited to meet the Greeks, but they were NOT. So let’s take a sec and think about tht lmaooo

By: Letsgetreal
#7  by: Nuf   

OPA is a real sorority. You don’t have to be NPC to be “real.” Ask any Delta Sigma Theta or AKA. They’re not NPC either, and I dare you to accuse them of not being “real” sororities!

By: Nuf
#8  by: Dreg   

Phi Mu is not that high anymore. They are over DPhiE but under DG.

By: Dreg

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