What sorority was before DPhiE

by: Ttu

Hi so I’ve heard a lot about another sorority being here before DPhiE. And I was o wanting to know why they were takin off campus and what sorority it was?

Posted By: Ttu
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#1  by: ttu   

Alpha Chi Phi Pi.

By: ttu
#2  by: idk   

There used to be a ZTA on campus but I think they got their charter pulled. Alpha Chi Phi Pi was not a Panhellenic sorority and no longer exists at TTU

By: idk
by: TrueeeMay 26, 2021 9:55:57 PM

Yes ZTA was here. You can go look at old academic reports for the sororities and if you go back like 20 years you’ll see ZTA. Those show membership and if you look over them it just looks like they lost a lot of members and couldn’t recruit.

By: Trueee

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