9 Struggles Of Going To A Small College

Jess Greek Life

Going to a small school certainly has its advantages. Small class sizes, unique learning opportunities and, for many, it’s small enough to find yourself as an individual but still leave college with a bunch of great friends. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a selective and small community that you’ll call your home away from home for the next 4 or so years.... Read more


10 Second Semester Senior Moments

Scott Greek Life

Second semester seniors will be able to relate to each of these moments.... Read more


While it might all look like fun and games, working your way towards becoming a beautiful and unique sorority takes years of perseverance from dedicated members. It's time to spotlight many of these exceptional chapters who have remained somewhat under-the-radar nationwide despite continuous contributions to their universities and sisterhoods.... Read more


Make Dues Doable

Melissa Krueger Greek Life

Joining a fraternity/sorority is arguably one of the most exciting times during your college career. Each person joins for something different: philanthropy, friends, parties, social status, and so on. But what you don’t get to choose is the cost. Every chapter’s dues vary wherever you go. Chapter dues cover costs like living in the house, apparel, socials and recruitment supplies just to name a few. Don’t think you can afford it? Think again.... Read more


Whether you are living in a sorority house, a dorm corridor with your pledge class, or an off campus house, living with your sorority sisters is an experience unlike any other. Here are some things you learn while living with your sisters.... Read more


Why Sorority Houses Should Not Host Parties

Vanessa Greek Life

For as long as the Greek community has been vibrant on university campuses, sororities have been banned from allowing alcohol into their chapter houses. The banning ranges from alcohol in members’ rooms, to no hosting of parties, ever. The more recent proposal posted in a New York Times article titled "Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf", has sparked opposing viewpoints.... Read more


The 7 PNM’s Of The Greek World

Karaline Greek Life

During recruitment current members all know what to expect from PNM’s. We are ready for the know-it-all’s, the shy ones, over excited ones, etc. We have seen it all. Here are the 7 types of PNM’s that all active members will encounter during recruitment.... Read more


30 Schools With The Best Greek Life

Kendall Greek Life

While there are plenty of excellent colleges without much of a Greek Life, it’s important to acknowledge the positive influence that having a strong Greek Life presence on campus offers students. From the percentage of undergraduate students involved in Greek Life to the number of chapters on each campus, the following schools have risen above the rest. Checkout the following list of colleges across the country that offer the best Greek Life experiences by the numbers:... Read more