How will you make your resume stand out once you graduate? Sure, you could join a bunch clubs, perhaps even taking leadership positions within them. Even better, you'll have garnered at least an internship or two to show you gained some real professional experience over those four years.... Read more


Summer Reading You Wish Was Required

Megan Academics

College is a fabulous academic period where all of your classes in a semester start and finish within a couple of months -- and then no strings attached. You’re off for the summer, with no required reading, summer homework, tests or projects due. So how do you spend your time? Reading what you’re interested in, consuming the content you want, and bingeing on whatever suits your fancy.... Read more


Top Backpacking Trips To Do This Summer

Theresa General

We’ve passed the halfway point of summer break. Maybe you’ve spent the summer collecting cash at a summer job, interning and gaining professional experience, or taking classes to catch up on credits. If you’re looking back at your summer so far and wondering where it’s gone -- or looking ahead and feeling bored by your empty calendar, it’s time to start planning.... Read more


Colleges With The Best Student Housing

Cara General

Funny thing about freshman year dormitory halls these days: they’re often nicer than anything you can find off-campus or in the Greek village. Which schools are worth attending just for their swanky student housing?... Read more


“But I’m only 20!” “I have the rest of my life to do that.” “I have student loans to worry about.” Any of those excuses sound familiar? (If you say no, and you still haven’t contributed to even a savings account, we’re talking to you).... Read more


Top Sororities Owning Twitter

Theresa Greek Life

By now, most sororities have full-on presences on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sure. But LinkedIn? Vine? Vimeo? No platform is too irrelevant, dated or obscure for a sorority to establish engagement. But the best sororities know to put their focus into just a couple of social media tools.... Read more


College is an opportunity to explore all of your varied interests and closet passions — an opportunity to pursue your wack obsessions with an enthusiasm seldom seen, right? ... Read more


Top 10 Fraternities On Wall Street

Cara Greek Life

But really. There’s such a thing as the “fraternity to finance” pipeline that allegedly places certain frat members into financial positions in the Big Apple — that might be harder for any regular college graduate to obtain. No surprise there, since one of the main long-term reasons members rush is for the networking opportunities Greek life affords. ... Read more