Top Female College Vloggers To Follow

Because You're Not Watching Cable TV Anymore
 Because You're Not Watching Cable TV Anymore

Because who watches TV anymore? Today, most of us tune into YouTube or Netflix before we click through channels on cable television. The ability to find exactly what you’re interested in -- exactly when you want to watch it -- is the norm these days.

And highly addictive. So how can you make sure you’re spending your time wisely? Subscribe to these YouTubers' channels for some of the best (and most watched) in college vlogging.


Amanda Magana


Watch Amanda's channel for a consistent look at life at UCLA. Each video in her vlog series, titled “Follow Me Around,” shows you a snapshot of what attending the popular southern California school is like. Follow her around on the last day of school, through office hours, or during her so-called “worst week of the year.” Unlike some vloggers, Amanda also keeps things academic with videos on how to get an A in organic chemistry, how to score scholarships, save for retirement (really?!) or ther perks of a lab job.


Keaton MIlburn


Perhaps the most famous college vlogger, Keaton has been filming YouTube videos since it was a thing. Her “WHAT THEY DONT TELL YOU DURING SORORITY RECRUITMENT” (emphasis is not ours) has garnered over 575,000 views as Arizona State pledges flock to her channel for the inside scoop on how to get into their first pick. Today, she’s moved on from Day in the Life expose and Dorm Room Tours to bring you her workout routine, music picks, game day looks and more.


Anne Marie Chase


Join roughly 140,000 subscribers and follow the going’s on of Anne Marie Chase, if only because Anne Marie attends school outside of the Lower 48. The University of Anchorage student shares everything from what it’s like to live in Alaska, how she spends a week at home, to what went right (and wrong) when she let a fashion influencer shop for her.


Margot Lee


Syracuse University student Margot Lee gives you the full lowdown on summer breaks and collegiate life, from Q&A’s, Christmas on campus, college morning routines and more. Beyond college, the vlogger has pursued modeling and shares how she got into the industry, as well as what life in New York City has been life for her. All-the-while eating banana ice cream.


Brittany Lewis


Let Brittany Lewis from the University of Florida teach you how to get into college, and then how to get recruited by your first choice sorority. Why? Because she was deferred the first time she applied, and has gone on to explain perhaps why and what to consider to get in to your dream school the second time around. She then goes on to film receiving her decision letter and her reaction. We won’t spoil the results, nor what happens in recruitment.


Natalie Barbu


Props to Natalie for showing her true self in her “before makeup transformation,” where she rolls out of bed, as is, and proceeds to explain play-by-play how she gets ready in the morning. Join her in the tub for the first half of the video where you watch her shave her legs. TMI aside, Natalie likes to remind her viewers that makeup is just a tactic and beauty comes from within.


Tasha Farsaci


You can’t follow Natalie Barbu without also following University of Southern California student Tasha Farsaci (or any of their other closely affiliated vlogger friends). Either way, the two friends vlog about everything from an “honest truth” perspective. Their most popular videos? The honest truth about hookups and the realities of dating in college. Just be sure to skip ahead to the four or five minute marker after they’ve plugged their sponsors and advertisers.



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