Top Sororities Owning Twitter

Which Sororities Top Twitter?
 Which Sororities Top Twitter?

By now, most sororities have full-on presences on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sure. But LinkedIn? Vine? Vimeo? No platform is too irrelevant, dated or obscure for a sorority to establish engagement. But the best sororities know to put their focus into just a couple of social media tools.

We’ve covered Tumblr and Instagram. Now, here are the top tweeting sororities based on followers, total tweets and longevity.

Delta Zeta National (@DeltaZetaNatl)

The DZ’s have all things DZ covered. From posting and nearly live tweeting their National Convention, their tweets are filled with photos and always visual. They promote the work all chapters and their members are doing by recognizing individuals, and highlight the philanthropic work chapters do regularly. With almost 19,000 followers, we call them famous.


Kappa Delta (@KappaDeltaHQ)

The KD’s go one step farther and feature photo-filled tweets along with videos and interviews with their members and leadership staff. Love your KD sisters so much you wish you could get paid to work for them? You can, and quite often: @KappaDeltaHQ often posts job openings within the organization so you can stay in college forever — sort of.

Sigma Kappa (@SigmaKappa)

One heart, one way. The Sigma Kappa sisters display their mission first across their Twitter profile. And rightfully so: the sorority was founded at Colby College, in Waterville, Maine, which was the first college to inspire the formation of sororities on the basis of scholarship, friendship, mutual interests and ideals.


Alpha Kappa Alpha (@@akasorority1908)

No question about when AKA was founded — it’s included in their Twitter handle. The Alpha Kappa Alpha organization boasts one of the largest followings — almost 25,000. And those followers aren’t just sitting back and scrolling. AKA followers interact heavily with the national organization, with some of their tweets amassing over a thousand likes and retweets.


Delta Phi Epsilon (@DPhiEIHQ)

Delta Phi Epsilon’s Twitter is certainly scrollable. The organization often posts pictures you’d see on well-curated and perfectly edited Instagram, with beach shots, group pictures, and well-written captions. They break the mold from typical national sorority Twitters by posting content that’s simply fun to find in your feed and not constantly promotional.


Alpha Sigma Tau (@alphasigmatau)

A lot like the Delta Phi Epsilon sisters, Alpha Sigma Tau posts content that isn’t always about the organization. Take for instance, their regular polls, gifs, and inspirational quotes: "Listen. Encourage. Congratulate. Be helpful. Say thank you.”



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