real srat rankings

by: UMN

top: kappa, aphi
upper: pi phi
mid: dg, aopi, gphi
bottom: chi o
then the rest

Posted By: UMN
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#1  by: Nope to your old ranks 👎🏻   

What is wrong with you?

By: Nope to your old ranks 👎🏻
#2  by: Go home GR manager    

Hahahaha you have no idea what is going on. Nice try and next

By: Go home GR manager
#3  by: uhhhh   

dg should be in upper, axo should be in middle, and phi mu should be with chi o.

By: uhhhh
#4  by: Whooo whooo   

Actually, the full name is kappa alpha theta. Not just kappa.

By: Whooo whooo

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