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Sorority stereotypes By: Gopher   Last Post:

Aphi & Kappa: cool, trendy, and pretty but known for...Read More

By: Gopher   Last Post:

Started: Apr 24, 2024 8:27:09 AM
FRAT ROW RANKINGS 2023-2024 By: OfficialRanked   Last Post:

1.) TOP - pike 2.) MID - dke - beta -...Read More

By: OfficialRanked   Last Post:

Started: Feb 1, 2024 3:59:46 AM

‼️SHORTEST MEN IN FRATS RANK‼️ 1: Sig chi average height 5’6 2:...Read More

By: UMNFrat   Last Post:

Started: Feb 24, 2024 2:19:46 PM
frat dues at uw madison frats By: yo   Last Post:

how much are your dues a semester. looking to join...Read More

By: yo   Last Post:

Started: Jan 19, 2024 11:21:18 PM
REAL sorority ranks 2022 By: Sisters forever   Last Post:

TOP: theta and phi mu and DG MID: AGD, Chi O,...Read More

By: Sisters forever   Last Post:

Started: Sep 3, 2022 1:28:02 PM
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Sorority Rankings 2022 By: Gopher   Last Post:

1) Alpha Phi and KKG 2) Pi Phi 3) DG 4) Aoii 5) Axo 6)...Read More

By: Gopher   Last Post:

Started: Jun 30, 2022 10:47:53 AM
official spring 2024 frat rankings By: lindsey37   Last Post:

1.) top - pike - sig chi - sig ep 2.) upper - sae - phi...Read More

By: lindsey37   Last Post:

Started: Dec 25, 2023 12:31:31 AM
Rushing a sorority or frat if I’m not a student here By: Curious   Last Post:

Can I still rush a frat next semester if I...Read More

By: Curious   Last Post:

Started: Oct 30, 2023 1:15:19 AM
What do I have to do to get a bid from pi phi? By: Rushing   Last Post:

I’m literally in love with pi phi so what do...Read More

By: Rushing   Last Post:

Started: Aug 20, 2023 5:50:01 PM
Who is the best hookup on the hockey team? By: Need to know   Last Post:

Who is the best hu on the hockey team? Just...Read More

By: Need to know   Last Post:

Started: Aug 22, 2023 9:47:44 PM
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