THE Real UMD Sorority Rankings 2022


- KD. Theta. AXid
- Aopi. AXO. Tri delt.
- APHI (debatably top middle)

- Zeta. Phi Sig. DG
-ADPi. Gphi. Deeph


Up to debate. Rankings are based
off of PC, Fall recruitment, Social Media, Campus Presence, and opinions circulating around campus. I think ADPI is going to continue to rise as they have had impressive recruiting seasons for both Spring and Fall semesters. Compared to many of the other chapters, they've put a lot of work into their campus presence and social media and it shows. Other sisterhoods such as axo, axid, and KD are also going to continue to rise as they have strong sisterhoods. Chapters that are unproblematic and don't exist on drama will have higher retention rates as a result of good membership experiences.Those chapters that don't prioritize sisterhood will fall as their retention rates decrease.

For PNM's rushing in the spring, be yourself and come in with an open mind. ranks aren't everything and they won't define your sorority experience. Pick a chapter that aligns with your values and ones that have a strong sisterhood.

Posted By: Honestly
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By: Deccc
by: Yes   

This is the only rank l agree with

By: Yes
by: Hug   

What school is this for clearly not umd

By: Hug
by: Old   

This is so old lol why does it keep getting bumped? Aphi is obvi not middle

By: Old

Spot on and good info

By: Yep
by: Delusional    

So many posts about this...
Now most but not all go into rush...w a tier in mind. How it works out...
Some do not...fair. gist!
I find most drama in mid to lower tiers versus tops.
Stop saying cheerleaders are fake... sounds stupid.
Stop saying ...mid tiers are nicer? I do not find this true. I find a lot of tops nice, some suck, a lot of mid tiers and lower suck, some very nice. People.

By: Delusional

Looks legit

By: Truth

Bump this. Also, Agreed, Good advice

By: NEt

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Putting Axo in front of Tri Delt is a bold statement.

By: Geez
by: Yep   

Agreed. Also, finally someone acknowledging Adpi and other Sororities that put in the effort.

By: Yep
by: terp   

Very good advice! I echo that ADPi has demonstrated a lot of improvement, with lots of increased marketing efforts!

By: terp
by: @geez   

This lol!!

By: @geez
by: Yess   

Interesting choice

By: Yess
by: no   

not really. their sisterhood is lowkey better. maybe attractiveness wise tri delt wins, but holistically, axo is better imo

By: no

times are changing get used to it 2.0 is here

By: go away
by: Lol   

Yep but its accurate

By: Lol
by: Jayden   

Lmao… its nice to dream

By: Jayden

Tri Delt complains about falling but is still out here socializing and dating the weirdos in Zeta Psi 😭😭😭😭

By: Fix urself
by: you are so shallow omg   

this has to be written as a joke

By: you are so shallow omg

Yes ADpi definitely doing good things and middle tier now, but is this whole post to distract from where Tri Delt and Alpha Phi are? If so,good job.

By: Ok

There is what is now and once was. Alpha Phi and Tridummies once were top houses when looks and money were the sole judgement of a top house. Best dressed, Cheer leaders, dating and prom queens were part of the past. Those days are gone.
It's looks and character that determine a top house. Diversity, friendliness, and sisterhood are what define a top house. Choose wisely!

By: Reality VS Fantasy
by: Joke   

I've heard meaner girl stories in mid to lower houses than top 4.
axid is a strong house but not top...sorry!

By: Joke

coming from a guy, it is comedic to have tridelt in the same row with aopi and axo. throw theta there and it would make sense

By: honest
by: facts   

yea bump on this

By: facts

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