THE Real UMD Sorority Rankings 2022

by: Honestly

- KD. Theta. AXid
- Aopi. AXO. Tri delt.
- APHI (debatably top middle)

- Zeta. Phi Sig. DG
-ADPi. Gphi. Deeph


Up to debate. Rankings are based
off of PC, Fall recruitment, Social Media, Campus Presence, and opinions circulating around campus. I think ADPI is going to continue to rise as they have had impressive recruiting seasons for both Spring and Fall semesters. Compared to many of the other chapters, they've put a lot of work into their campus presence and social media and it shows. Other sisterhoods such as axo, axid, and KD are also going to continue to rise as they have strong sisterhoods. Chapters that are unproblematic and don't exist on drama will have higher retention rates as a result of good membership experiences.Those chapters that don't prioritize sisterhood will fall as their retention rates decrease.

For PNM's rushing in the spring, be yourself and come in with an open mind. ranks aren't everything and they won't define your sorority experience. Pick a chapter that aligns with your values and ones that have a strong sisterhood.

Posted By: Honestly
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#11  by: Rich with an R   

This rank nailed it.

By: Rich with an R
#12  by: Eh   

Switch PhiSig and Gphi

By: Eh
by: YepJan 10, 2022 7:36:23 PM

Yes to this

By: Yep
#13  by: Nice   

For Sororities, this one is better than the others being bumped.

By: Nice
by: @niceJan 5, 2022 6:57:05 PM

Completely agree.

By: @nice
#14  by: Nah   

This one is the best

By: Nah
#15  by: Itsnowy   


By: Itsnowy
#16  by:    

As a guy...不
The top houses are Tridelt, Alpha Phi, Theta and KD.

Who keeps posting??? AXID? AOPi...

You can't be pretty and have character or personality? You've got to be a bad dresser and unattractive to be a cool person??? 不不不不不

By: 不
by: HuhJan 8, 2022 8:57:15 PM

This makes no sense

By: Huh
#17  by: Chill   

All these ranking posts say over and over again...who they want to be "deemed" top. Is this AXID?
The top houses when I went through rush last year were Tridelt, alpha phi, theta and KD. KD is the weakest of the 4 houses. AXID for girls rushing or in houses is NOT a top 4. It's the top of the mid tier though with AOPi. Tridelt and Alpha Phi are the top 2.

By: Chill
#18  by: Geeez   

Get a grip! There are plenty of people who consider AXiD a top house! Theyre fun, friendly and mighty fine!

By: Geeez
#19  by: ????   

Is AXID constantly on the greek ranks about - rank?

It's not the top 4? Every girl who went through rush repeatedly said... top 4 are Tridelt, theta, alpha phi and KD. Why are there so many threads debating the ranks every year?
Whether alpha phi is deemed #1 or its theta or Tridelt? It seems to be the same 4 year after year.
What people say out of the houses doesn't matter. Reality during rush year after year.

By: ????
#20  by: True   

I'm in a top ranked sorority - to be honest - in the top 4 it doesn't matter. We all hang together, socialize with same frats, have a best friend in 1 of the other top 4. We all consider ourselves equal. No one in theta sees KD as 4th... or Tridelt as 1 or 3. Equal. Truth. Whoever goes on and on about rank - is not in 1 of the top 4. One of my good friends is in a middle tier here on greek rank chat - I do not think of her house as middle tier at all. We socialize with different frats/srats true BUT at the bars we hang out, study together. A true friend is not by rank.

By: True

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