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sorority advice By: no name   Last Post:

pnm’s will see this site at one or another before...Read More

By: no name   Last Post:

Started: Jun 13, 2024 10:09:49 PM

I literally went through the reviews for every chapter before...Read More

By: missgirl   Last Post:

Started: Oct 31, 2021 6:31:29 PM
Ruined Great Holidays Again! By: WW3 Uglies   Last Post:

Have a really great, safe holiday! WW3 nigs want to...Read More

By: WW3 Uglies   Last Post:

Started: Jan 4, 2023 2:53:19 PM
sorority ranks/reputation By: Red pepper   Last Post:

What’s an unbiased rank and reputation for the sororities after...Read More

By: Red pepper   Last Post:

Started: Sep 7, 2022 12:51:29 PM
REALISTIC Sorority Rankings By: Cajun   Last Post:

Tri Delta / Phi Mu KD ADPi Tri Sigma AOPi This is as real as...Read More

By: Cajun   Last Post:

Started: Aug 15, 2021 2:45:49 PM
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frats returning to campus?? By: frat rat   Last Post:

i heard that KA and SAE are supposed to be...Read More

By: frat rat   Last Post:

Started: Jul 19, 2022 11:18:13 AM
One of the best chapters on the row By: Catlover102   Last Post:

I’m not in this chapter but my roommate is. She...Read More

By: Catlover102   Last Post:

Started: Feb 8, 2022 9:10:06 PM
Transferring in By: Maybe   Last Post:

So I’m potentially transferring here to UL, and I want...Read More

By: Maybe   Last Post:

Started: Nov 10, 2021 1:15:55 PM
Sigma sigma sigma By: Wow   Last Post:

Sigma if y’all don’t get yalls musty butts off of...Read More

By: Wow   Last Post:

Started: Sep 2, 2021 9:34:17 PM
Question SAE off campus By: Question   Last Post:

What happened to SEA. I heard PIKE got their old...Read More

By: Question   Last Post:

Started: Aug 15, 2021 12:35:04 PM
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