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theta chi anyone? By: .   Last Post:

Why does the school want Theta Chi back so bad?...Read More

By: .   Last Post:

Started: Oct 17, 2018 5:36:04 PM
valpo university ranks By: boss   Last Post:

Frats PhiPsi Sigma Chi Phi Sig Pike Lambda SigEp PhiDelt SigPi Srats PiPhi ChiO GPhi K D the new one KKG...Read More

By: boss   Last Post:

Started: Jun 24, 2020 3:12:36 PM
2020 official sorority ranks By: Law   Last Post:

Top: Chi O and Pi Phi Middle: KD Lower middle: G Phi...Read More

By: Law   Last Post:

Started: Feb 26, 2020 7:22:06 AM
valpo strat ranks By: ranks   Last Post:

top: pi phi, chi o middle: gphi, kd, lower: agd,...Read More

By: ranks   Last Post:

Started: Jun 4, 2020 9:03:14 PM
valpo sorority ranks w descriptions By: True   Last Post:

TOP Chi O - fun girls who love to party....Read More

By: True   Last Post:

Started: Feb 4, 2020 7:57:57 AM
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Real Sorority Descriptions in 2 Words By: Real   Last Post:

PiPhi Looks & Fluff ChiO Party & Sloppy GPhi...Read More

By: Real   Last Post:

Started: May 7, 2020 11:04:56 AM
why did pi phi and chi o not take girls? By: 2023   Last Post:

I don’t understand. I was cut from pi phi after...Read More

By: 2023   Last Post:

Started: Jan 15, 2020 1:29:54 PM
official valpo ranks By: Kicker   Last Post:

Top CHI O PI PHI Middle G PHI KD Bottom AGD KKG Other SIGs DDD...Read More

By: Kicker   Last Post:

Started: Feb 20, 2020 3:56:03 AM
recruitment By: really   Last Post:

Come on chi o. Can you be honest and genuine...Read More

By: really   Last Post:

Started: Jan 14, 2019 7:03:19 PM
alpha gam By: Sorority   Last Post:

Kind of confused. How do they get new girls to...Read More

By: Sorority   Last Post:

Started: Mar 1, 2019 9:25:38 AM
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