2020 official sorority ranks

by: Law

Top: Chi O and Pi Phi

Middle: KD

Lower middle: G Phi and AGD

Bottom: KKG and Sigs

Middle tier changes for sure.
It’s clear that G Phi is having some major Sisterhood issues this year which has them falling fast and AGD nationals put some major money into this chapter to ensure they will start off strong. If AGD continues this momentum they will pass Gphi next year!

Posted By: Law
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#1  by: lol   

one, idk what you’re doing calling the women of sigma lambda gamma sigs.... also, kd is known to have an awful sisterhood and at least 5 girls dropped last sem and they needed snap bids...

By: lol
by: LawMar 1, 2020 8:05:25 PM

This is so obvious that this is Gamma Phi trying to put down KD. Sorry, in the real world you have fallen!

By: Law
by: Parq Jan 27, 2021 3:01:23 PM

Personally liked KD over Gphi

By: Parq
#2  by: KK   

Nice to see an accurate rank

By: KK
#3  by: Bae   

This is right

By: Bae
#4  by: Lala   

accurate rank

By: Lala
#5  by: Today    

This is true!!!!!

By: Today

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