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by: rushing

I am an incoming freshman and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what each sorority is known for and what kind of girls they take as well as their stereotypes. I just want to know if I should rush or not.

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#1  by: Matt   

Copied from another post:

Sorority Ranks
These are the sorority ranks in as of right now in my opinion.


ZETA (this is the top sorority on this campus. They constantly get the prettiest girls. They have a lot of blondes)


DZ ( this sorority surprised me last recruitment. A lot of the girls rushing were stuck between Zeta and DZ. Also keep in mind that this sorority is only 2 years old on campus)

Phi Mu (Phi Mu has been considered a top sorority on campus along with zeta but I think that after last pledge class, that went down.)

ASA ( suuuuuper nice girls but don't party or really socialize with fraternities. They are by far the nicest girls though)


SK ( these girls are just simply weird. They have a few good girls but I can probably count all the good girls in one hand)

Honorable Mention:

AXO ( just got colonized and have a solid group of girls. We shall see what happens in September when they recruit for the first time... This will determine their rank)

By: Matt
#2  by: ..   

Zeta/ Delta Zeta- both of these sororities are fighting for the top spot. Zeta has held it longer though, Delta zeta is still fairly new on campus but makes big improvements with each pledge class they get. Both have really attractive girls. Most fraternities have these girls at their events and vice versa. Zeta is very picky with their PC's and Delta Zeta is getting there too.
Phi Mu / AXO
Axo really is average on the scale they are the newest on campus and have bad reps with other sororities but still have made their presence known. Phi Mu used to be top with zeta but have really slipped down the rankings. their pledge classes have been average, usually the girls that dont get DZ or Zeta pick these two.
Asa is very involved within themselves dont really socialize with any other sorority or fraternity. You dont really hear or care about them. SK struggle to get girls during recruitment, dont really get invited to anything and arent much of a presence on campus.

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