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Frat PC sizes ? By: Frat   Last Post:

How many pledges did each Frat get after rush this...Read More

By: Frat   Last Post:

Started: Sep 16, 2023 2:51:44 PM
Sorority pledge classes FALL 23 By: Honest   Last Post:

Rank the new sorority pledge classes for me. Iā€™m curious....Read More

By: Honest   Last Post:

Started: Aug 13, 2023 3:51:52 PM
Dirty rushing?? By: Confused PNM   Last Post:

So a chapter reached out to me on instagram and...Read More

By: Confused PNM   Last Post:

Started: Jul 16, 2023 3:03:57 AM
Sorority and Frat Ranks 2023 By: šŸ’   Last Post:

KD Phi Mu ADPI Chi O ZTA ASA Delta Chi Phi Sig Sigma Chi TKE KA...Read More

By: šŸ’   Last Post:

Started: May 10, 2023 3:19:37 PM
frats (like the post on the sororities) By: Alum   Last Post:

Delta Chi: Mixed perceptions, inconsistent with stability and grades. Average...Read More

By: Alum   Last Post:

Started: Jul 6, 2023 5:29:54 PM
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Is Greek Life Declining? By: frosh   Last Post:

Why does it seem like the fraternities and sororities are...Read More

By: frosh   Last Post:

Started: Mar 31, 2023 7:09:26 PM
Sororities opinions (not in any order) By: Nobody   Last Post:

Phi Mu- The christian nice girls, almost exclusively take local...Read More

By: Nobody   Last Post:

Started: Jul 3, 2023 2:14:32 AM
Rushing this fall By: scared   Last Post:

Any other girls going through rush in the fall super...Read More

By: scared   Last Post:

Started: May 30, 2023 9:20:30 PM
opinions from a girl that rushed last yr By: Fall 22   Last Post:

asa- this chapter was full of super sweet girls that...Read More

By: Fall 22   Last Post:

Started: May 29, 2023 1:33:13 AM
Fraternity Rush update? By: Frats?   Last Post:

Does anyone know how frat rush is going? Would love...Read More

By: Frats?   Last Post:

Started: Sep 8, 2022 8:04:09 PM
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