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Sorority Rankings, in order with descriptions:
Top: KD, Phi Mu, ADPi
Middle: Chi O, ZTA
Bottom: ASA

KD: Pretty girls, throw good parties, good grades, mainly hangs with Sigma Chi

Phi Mu: Pretty girls, mainly only takes local girls, very quick to blacklist you, good grades, honestly very lame parties

ADPi: Pretty girls, also takes a lot of local girls, similar to KD

Chi O: I think they’re on the come up honestly, I guess we will see in the fall. Nice girls, lots of personality, fun

ZTA: Tbh lots of means girls, has a lot of issues with their council

ASA: Every one that I have met has been kind, people say they are bottom of the bucket and I won’t say they are wrong, but they are nice girls/guys

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#1  by: Question   

Now do frats…?

By: Question
#2  by: guy   

honestly ASA seems the most genuine

By: guy

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