To the incoming PNMs

by: 3rd year greek

Do not take anything said on here to heart. Go into recruitment with an open mind. You may think you know what chapter you want based on social media, but I promise all of these chapters are different IRL! I walked in a thought I knew where I wanted to end up, and ended up taking a bid from a chapter I thought I would hate! It’s so cliche, but seriously trust the process. You will probably get dropped by a chapter, but all that does is open up the door to another chapter who really loves you! The most important piece of advice I have to local girls, DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Let recruitment be the thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to go the same chapter as your bestie! You can obviously still be really close with her, even though you are in two different chapters. Overall, recruitment is SOOO fun and I would do anything to go back! Can’t wait to talk to you all in the fall! Good luck! :)

Posted By: 3rd year greek
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