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sdt and dg equal By: lol   Last Post:

SDT and DG are both top! They are very equal!...Read More

By: lol   Last Post:

Started: Feb 5, 2023 1:59:36 PM
Delta gamma and Sigma Delta Tau hotties By: conel   Last Post:

Dg is more hot blondes and a few beautiful ...Read More

By: conel   Last Post:

Started: Jan 26, 2023 12:03:09 AM
Best sisterhood? By: PNM   Last Post:

Doing cob and looking at SK, AXO, Dphie, and Theta....Read More

By: PNM   Last Post:

Started: Jan 31, 2023 3:44:16 PM
sorority rankings! By: hiii   Last Post:

SDT = DG DZ THETA/ ACHIO SIG KAP/ DPHIE These rankings don’t mean anything...Read More

By: hiii   Last Post:

Started: Jan 24, 2023 6:37:54 PM
top two sdt and dg By: k   Last Post:

sdt and dg have the highest retention rate every year....Read More

By: k   Last Post:

Started: Aug 19, 2022 12:07:52 AM
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this years rating By: rating   Last Post:

Top- Delta gamma and Sigma delt tau Upper Mid- Delta...Read More

By: rating   Last Post:

Started: Jan 5, 2023 2:09:56 PM
Strats rating top to bottom By: jacky   Last Post:

DG/SDT DZ Theta on rise /AXO Dphie/sk those are the strats ...Read More

By: jacky   Last Post:

Started: Jan 5, 2023 2:07:47 PM
Frat rankings 2023 By: 1   Last Post:

Top- Sig chi/sig ep Upper Mid- theta chi Mid Tke/ Phi...Read More

By: 1   Last Post:

Started: Dec 13, 2022 7:53:59 AM
sdt and dg…………duh By: a   Last Post:

the only reason everyone hates on sdt and dg and...Read More

By: a   Last Post:

Started: Nov 12, 2022 9:33:41 PM
Frat rankings 2022 By: FRAT RANKINGS   Last Post:

Sig chi/ TKE ZBT AEPI FIJI Phi Delt Lambda\n\n\n\n\nATO Chi Phi?? ...Read More

By: FRAT RANKINGS   Last Post:

Started: Oct 26, 2022 6:49:48 PM
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