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Sorority Quota 2023 By: Need Help   Last Post:

Does anybody know if AXO, DG, or Theta hit their...Read More

By: Need Help   Last Post:

Started: Sep 12, 2023 8:56:10 AM
2023 fall recruitment By: Anonymous   Last Post:

After this fall recruitment: DG SDT DZ AXO Theta DphiE Sig Kap...Read More

By: Anonymous   Last Post:

Started: Sep 11, 2023 8:49:56 PM
Fall Rush 2023…. By: Curious   Last Post:

If you drop or miss the fall formal recruitment, what...Read More

By: Curious   Last Post:

Started: Sep 3, 2023 7:41:13 AM
the true rating By: alyssa   Last Post:

DG/SDT top DZ upper mid Theta getting upper mid depends on...Read More

By: alyssa   Last Post:

Started: Sep 2, 2023 3:18:23 PM
Sororities and frats pair By: emily   Last Post:

SDT and DG pairs with off campus frats top frats...Read More

By: emily   Last Post:

Started: Sep 2, 2023 3:21:05 PM
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Greek Life????? By: illinois   Last Post:

I am thinking about transferring to UT from SLU (MO)...Read More

By: illinois   Last Post:

Started: Apr 11, 2023 11:25:58 AM
ACTUAL ACCURATE RANKINGS let's all be real here By: Sorority Rankings   Last Post:

SDT-some may argue dg and sdt are equal but if...Read More

By: Sorority Rankings   Last Post:

Started: Feb 21, 2023 2:06:37 PM
frat & sorority ranking By: greek   Last Post:

SORORITY- top: DG & SDT mid top: DZ mid bottom: AXO & THETA bottom:...Read More

By: greek   Last Post:

Started: May 9, 2023 4:30:14 PM
truth of this ok By: Alex   Last Post:

SDT fell off so hard !!!!! Not the same…. Who’s...Read More

By: Alex   Last Post:

Started: Mar 4, 2023 10:29:38 AM
these are the top sororities By: these top   Last Post:

Dg and Sdt are top and have always been and...Read More

By: these top   Last Post:

Started: Jan 25, 2023 11:58:23 PM
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