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by: Curious

If you drop or miss the fall formal recruitment, what are the options at UT for joining after. Do SRATs there take part in COB or informal spring rush?

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#1  by: xx   

every sorority is now required to do COB in the spring recruitment. you can only do this thought if you drop on or before pref. once u sign the MRBA after pref you are locked in and have to wait 1 year. in spring you chose which chapters you want to go to unlike fall ur required to go to all of them. how many girls they take though varies and is significantly less. can vary from 5 girls to 20 girls per sorority.

By: xx
by: cvbSep 10, 2023 3:59:57 PM

I dropped out of recruitment before signing the MRBA for pref day, do you know if any sororities are likely to do COB after recruitment finishes?

By: cvb

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