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Update - I am hearing that Pike has Zeta in the bag. They are saying they signed the lease and I guess they are just waiting on some finishing details. This is weird to me because isn't Pike just an un-housed version of Zeta that does a little more on campus because they are actually recognized by Rutgers?? Whatever, I hope this isn't true though.

Honestly I think TKE would be a much better fit for the house. The Rutgers Community would also benefit from this because they are a lot of fun and have crazy parties already!

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yess TKE please get the house!! these guys throw down hard so if they do get it, it would be so so much better..

By: yeszz
by: lolMar 12, 2014 11:00:22 AM

TKE is irrelevant. the only time anyone ever talks about TKE is when they get them mixed up with DKE

By: lol
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It does not matter who gets the house. If it's TKE or Pike, I would not get to comfortable because it is only for a short term. Zeta Psi will be back into 4 years and will kick out whoever is the renter. Tke or Pike, you guys will become homeless again.

By: Sad But True
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Zeta is going to destroy their house this semester just like pike did at wvu in the 2000's

By: Zeta
by: theiraluminiMar 4, 2014 12:12:23 AM

no they wouldnt? you must be stupid to think all the alumni from zeta would let their alumni board destroy that house. thats atleast a hundred years of memories and alumni connections in that house. You must never have heard your alumni talk about all the memories they had in their house when they lived there

By: theiralumini
by: dumb***Mar 4, 2014 10:58:25 AM

you sir, are a dumb***....zeta alumni have no control over what goes on right now, they can try to control the current brothers but realistically they cannot due **** besides threaten them with fines....right now, Zeta is full of crazy degenerates that are pissed off and saddened by the fact that Zeta is shutting down, they are going to destroy the house and make sure whoever lives in it next regrets buying it

By: dumb***
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No one has a lease signed on that house. There's an open house this sunday (not open to active members, just alumni / national organization reps) where the next steps in finding occupancy for that house will happen.

By: Fact
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That house will be condemned for the next couple years zeta is going out with a bang

By: rip
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Our National House Corporation is serioulsy considering the Zeta House. Good location (college ave), will be large to hold alotof our sisters and it will make us competitive with other Housed NPC's.

By: Phi Mu
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I'm pretty sure Pike isn't recognized by Rutgers. At least that's what my friend that's in pike told me a couple months back so idk how they would be able to get that house. And also, I heard from someone in Panhel that one of the rules they voted on for Phi Mu coming to Rutgers was that they weren't aloud to get a big house right off the bat (specifically bigger than GPhi) so there wouldn't be the 'Phi Sig' effect where they came in and got a huge house which made them hated by all of the other sororities. I could be wrong tho. Either way if they get the house that would be a shame because it's another huge house that would be great for fraternity parties wasted on a sorority who's not going to do anything in there (like phi sig and sk)

By: Huh?
by: So TrueMar 4, 2014 9:42:48 PM

I agree there are very few huge fraternity lettered houses on campus. However, if the fraternities would STOP getting kicked off campus as they been doing for the last several years, maybe they can start retaining their huge houses instead of losing them to the sororities.

By: So True
by: Huh? Mar 5, 2014 3:33:56 PM

In all fairness the only one that really got kicked off was aepi, sig ep wasn't kicked off phi sig just pulled some sneaky **** and went under them and took the house.

By: Huh?
#8  by:    

Pike is 100% recognized by Rutgers and they are the favorites to get the house, followed by steroid chi, followed by TKE

By: Not True
by: also not trueMar 5, 2014 5:23:10 PM

sigma chi is staying in their house. they want to buy it and renovate it.

By: also not true
by: ^^Mar 5, 2014 5:30:47 PM

not true. that was an idea that they had but they are still looking for other houses as well

By: ^^
by: really?Mar 5, 2014 11:51:46 PM

why would they hold themselves up for so long when they coulda locked down the frat castle? didn't want to be that close to OFSA?

and they didn't re-sign their lease? it just feels so late in the semester to have not signed the lease already.

By: really?
by: kMar 11, 2014 6:29:16 AM

They had the opportunity to get the 'frat castle' but the layout of the house is not made for parties, small basement and chapter room, so they decided to keep looking

And no, they didn't sign their lease yet.

By: k
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I prefer TKE or PIKE to get the house..or a good sorority..

By: realtalk
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i've heard rumors that DKE alumni are in talks about buying the house and renting it out to another organization as a business investment, with hope to eventually occupy it with DKE brothers as a second house when their current house gets filled to capacity.

By: a
by: YourDumbMar 5, 2014 3:30:58 PM

The fact that you even believe that makes you an idiot. No fraternity at Rutgers is going to have two giant houses. Idiotic.

By: YourDumb
by: FALSEMar 6, 2014 10:58:30 AM

I can assure you this is false now gtfo


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