I am a freshman at etsu and I will be transfering to utk in the fall and plan on rushing. As a sophomore is it possible to get a top tier sorority .I have a 3.4 gpa and I am involved on campus in a few different clubs and I am the vice president of a well known student organization on campus, I like to have a good time but I like doing things for my community as well. I also dress very sratty and all of my friends at school are in Greek life so I know all the basics of sororities, because my gpa is not wonderful what do I need to do to make up for that.

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I am also a API legacy and have letters of rec to about half of the sororities

By: Sratty
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You shouldn't only be focused on top tier sororities because they all have things to offer you. 3.4 isn't that great but it isn't bad. Are you a legacy for AOPi or ADPi because ADPi has a lot of legacies anyways so it wouldn't really matter i dont think. You can make up for the GPA by just being a kind and outgoing girl that can hold a conversation. Be open and not snobby to any sorority because we all have friends in different ones and you wouldn't want us to refer to you as the snobby stuck up girl.

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So I will most likely be getting a middle tier with that gpa, what does it need to be for top tier to want me. I am open to all of the sororities but I would just really like to be in a top tier

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i wouldn't worry whether you get a top tier or not, they're all good! and a 3.4 gpa actually looks good, since you're already in college. you shouldn't be dropped because of your gpa in most cases

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Oh thank goodness, also this is off topic is it possible to live in the sorority house my spring semester if I rush in fall ?

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No, probably not

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no to the housing or to getting a top tier sorority

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Lol you won't get top tier if you're coming from ETSU sweetie.

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by: srattyMay 3, 2013 3:53:40 PM

ETSU vs UT.....about the same. Neither one is very good.

By: sratty
by: May 10, 2013 9:47:09 AM

So sad, but true.

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If you want to be in a top sorority you'll have to go somewhere besides UT

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stress so much about tiers. Every UTK sorority has lots to offer, strong nationals and a gorgeous new house! Look for the one you're most comfortable with. When it comes to SEC rush, the majority who don't get bids end up that way because they choose to drop out. They don't like their invites after a round and that's it. Bad decision - they could miss a great experience. Look at each day with new eyes. If a favorite drops you, focus on the invites you do get and give them a chance. Opinions can change as the week goes on as you meet more sisters and learn more about chapters. Besides, if you're visiting a house with 100 members and don't think you can be sisters with ANY of them...the problem isn't the house, you know? It's you. So relax about tiers. You might get top, you might not -- but the system is designed to work, and usually does for those who keep open minds, maximize their options and look for the best fit.

You said you know sorority basics, but SEC sorority rush isn't the same ballgame as ETSU. The SEC has the most competitive sorority recruitment in the nation. UTK isn't the blood bath that Ole Miss or UGA is, but it's competitive and PNMs should be thankful to get into any house...and most do. Many pledge ones that weren't initially their favorite and they end up loving it. The biggest set up for disappointment is going into rush with top tier on the brain. Get recommendations to EVERY house. You sound like you really want this -- I hope it works out!

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