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Real sorority rankings 2022 By: Anon   Last Post:

1. Kappa 2. Dg 3. Aphi 4. Pi phi 5. Theta 6. Tridelt 7. Gphi...Read More

By: Anon   Last Post:

Started: Nov 1, 2022 4:40:12 PM
Highschool student coming who is prob joining a frat By: I don't know   Last Post:

How hard is pledging? Can I still get decent-ish grades...Read More

By: I don't know   Last Post:

Started: Oct 29, 2022 1:45:17 PM
How bad is hazing/pledging By: Transfer student   Last Post:

Looking to transfer to Pepperdine next year, want to know...Read More

By: Transfer student   Last Post:

Started: Oct 21, 2022 5:22:47 PM
poll icon imagePOLL: Which fraternity has the most Thridjits? By: dum   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: dum   Last Post:

Started: Oct 6, 2022 4:15:14 PM
DG please do better By: ___   Last Post:

Just noticed your entire chapter is white. Zero diversity in...Read More

By: ___   Last Post:

Started: Sep 21, 2022 5:22:12 PM
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has anybody gotten off the StarStuded waitlist yet?? By: vanessaababy14   Last Post:

been on this stupid waitlist for 3 weeks now:( I...Read More

By: vanessaababy14   Last Post:

Started: Sep 4, 2022 9:59:14 AM
Give everybody at the Indian wedding the Foley today By: Insider   Last Post:

They’re all chucers who think they can meet Aashish from...Read More

By: Insider   Last Post:

Started: Jul 9, 2022 2:17:12 PM
Worried transfer student By: 💕   Last Post:

I’m a freshman rn at a large school on the...Read More

By: 💕   Last Post:

Started: Apr 14, 2022 11:01:18 PM
Who is better kkg or dg By: Helppp   Last Post:

I know both r top sororities but who is the...Read More

By: Helppp   Last Post:

Started: Oct 23, 2020 11:49:42 AM
Chloe Lukasiak??? By: hmm   Last Post:

What sorority is Chloe Lukasiak in? Is she active in...Read More

By: hmm   Last Post:

Started: Apr 1, 2021 11:16:23 AM
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