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"Kappa delta, AXO, DZ, and Chi O are honestly the sororities you want to join. They have genuine women in them who have their sister's backs, are smart and pretty, and are doing great things for their philanthropy and campus. They are the truest definition of what a sorority should be. Great job ladies"

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or you could encourage everyone to go greek and let girls find where they truly fit!

By: 1of the sororities listed
by: AXOApr 5, 2016 1:23:46 PM

Totally agree! 😊

#2  by: bb   

as an early alum ex member of kd they are a mean girl hotspot just the less pretty mean girls
other than that you’re pretty right
but kd is a terrible sorority at this school

By: bb
by: not sharingApr 15, 2024 1:18:22 AM

this is completely not true
i came on here just out of curiousity because I don’t go here anymore and this is just so incorrect
like yeah there are problematic people anywhere but these girls were the sweetest to me when I was briefly with them
I would’ve loved to have joined them if I stayed here

By: not sharing

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