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Rushing By: NIU 2019   Last Post:

I transferred as a sophomore last year of 2018, I...Read More

By: NIU 2019   Last Post:

Started: Aug 11, 2019 7:52:13 PM
SAE/PSK By: ksahjdf;as   Last Post:

if you don't rush PSK or SAE you are a...Read More

By: ksahjdf;as   Last Post:

Started: Jul 13, 2018 6:03:47 PM
Pike By: Pike   Last Post:

Is pike ever coming back to campus? ...Read More

By: Pike   Last Post:

Started: Feb 23, 2019 2:34:15 PM
new sorority? By: overview   Last Post:

Now that we have fewer npc sororities available is it...Read More

By: overview   Last Post:

Started: Aug 29, 2018 5:31:19 PM
Question By: Wondering   Last Post:

What happened at tugs with Tri sig and psk in...Read More

By: Wondering   Last Post:

Started: Sep 20, 2018 2:57:35 AM
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Don’t trust Greekrank, good or bad reviews By: Lmao   Last Post:

It’s just soooo funny how all of a sudden everyone’s...Read More

By: Lmao   Last Post:

Started: Sep 12, 2018 7:32:40 PM
Bigger bid classes By: Freshman   Last Post:

So now that sig kap is gone will other houses...Read More

By: Freshman   Last Post:

Started: Aug 30, 2018 9:59:42 AM
is ASA really kicked off campus? By: HTTP   Last Post:

Heard rumors that ASA and Sigma Kappa are getting kicked...Read More

By: HTTP   Last Post:

Started: Apr 6, 2018 4:16:14 PM
Senior Sorority Recruitments By: ...   Last Post:

Is it worth trying to join a sorority here as...Read More

By: ...   Last Post:

Started: Jul 22, 2018 10:21:43 PM
Not worth it By: Don’t do it   Last Post:

Greek life at NIU has gone down hill. If you...Read More

By: Don’t do it   Last Post:

Started: Aug 6, 2018 1:12:36 AM
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