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Do fakes ever get questioned at the bars in Tuscaloosa? Do the bars car about fakes?

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It depends on what you look like.
Not always.
Don't count on it.

By: Depends
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My friend used a fake the first week of school in August, the waiter put it under the light and saw it was fake, ABC was in the back, arrested her, handcuffed her and threw her in jail for the night. It was a nightmare getting it off her record- lawyer fees, community service, etc etc.

By: They sure do
by: Mar 24, 2016 11:05:01 PM

Which bar was this?

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It can be pretty 50/50. I've used good and bad fakes and had success/failure with both. Generally accepted rule is that the bars are more lenient earlier in the week (Mondays and Tuesdays especially) and harder later in the week (Fridays and Saturdays being the worst). Date parties are hit or miss, youll pretty quickly learn which locations have stricter bouncers (Chucks for example is usually pretty strict but ive found Glory Bound to be easier). How good your fake is usually doesn't determine whether they'll accept it or not, but unlike some schools where you could use someone of say like a different race and the bouncers wouldn't care, you need to at least have your picture that looks like you. Also, try to get one that works under a black light and scans. I know I said it doesn't NEED to work, but a lot more bars nowadays are getting particular about that. I had two for around 75 dollars that worked really well until I became 21.

Just be careful, go on the right nights, don't go to bars like gallettes that are notorious for rejections, and you should be fine. Looking back now I think its probably a bad idea to get and use one but I get the feeling you were going to anyway, so hopefully this keeps you from hurting yourself.

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Which bars are known to be easy to get in to? I have a good fake but it was expensive and I don't want it taken. It does scan and have uv/holos.

By: Lol
by: ..Mar 27, 2016 11:33:49 PM

Shakers, High Tide, and 4th & 23rd are usually very lenient on fake IDs

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by: this^Apr 14, 2016 11:47:29 PM

I'll add, Bear Trap is pretty lenient on fakes, they usually pick 1 out of like 8 or 9 people to just reject so as to put up a facade that they're trying though. Rounders at least second semester has been pretty easy to get into. Innisfree is hit or miss but they usually accept fakes. From what I've heard Egan's is really easy to get into, but nobody goes there as an underclassmen so that does't matter much.

If you have to avoid any of the bars, don't go to Houndstooth or Gallettes as an underclassman. They're both notoriously strict on IDs. Also the bars downtown are much more strict than on the strip. Moe's and The Booth can be hit or miss, though depending on the sorority/fraternity you are in (I know a lot of underage girls in one Old Row sorority go to The Booth all the time) you might be able to get in. Red Shed is probably the most wishy-washy, some nights they let everyone in and some nights they deny plenty of people.

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By: Yes
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Do bouncers ever ask for a second identification at the bars?


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